China Tech Digest: Baidu Will Cooperate With Meituan, Xiaohongshu; Shanghai Plans To Identify 100 Smart Factories

Baidu will cooperate with Meituan, Xiaohongshu and many other enterprises

Together with Meituan, Xiaohongshu, SF, Ctrip, Zhihu, Tongcheng, Maoyan and 58 Tongcheng, more than ten enterprises announced the opening of in-depth cooperation on interconnection, and will take the Spring Festival as the starting point to carry out interconnection cooperation at the three levels of traffic, technology and service ecology. The relevant person in charge said that users can use the corresponding intelligent mini program in the Baidu App to directly complete high-frequency services such as booking hotels, purchasing train tickets, movie tickets, etc., and no longer need to jump between different Apps.

Shanghai plans to identify about 100 smart factories

It was learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology that in 2022, Shanghai will promote the construction of smart factories through hierarchical classification and accelerate the layout of a new track for the digital economy. By the end of 2022, Shanghai will identify and award about 100 “Shanghai Intelligent Factories”, build 10 “Shanghai Benchmarking Intelligent Factories”, strive to create 4 to 5 “National Benchmarking Intelligent Factories”, promote 1000+ typical scenes with industry characteristics, and move towards the world-class level of “Intelligent Manufacturing City”.

Shanghai pushes digital economy through the “troika” such as intelligent equipment

It was learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology that in 2022, Shanghai will promote the “troika” of intelligent equipment, intelligent networked vehicles and intelligent robots to go hand in hand to enhance the new momentum of the digital economy. By 2025, it will focus on promoting the rapid growth of intelligent manufacturing equipment, high-end medical equipment, microelectronics equipment, and aerospace equipment, and accelerate the innovation and upgrading of marine equipment, high-end energy equipment, and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. The level of numbers has been further improved. The integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and big data with high-end equipment has been further deepened, the application of new models of intelligent manufacturing has been further popularized, and more than 40 municipal intelligent factories for high-end equipment have been built.

Tibet Mining: 10,000-ton lithium carbonate project scheduled to start operation in 2023

Tibet Mining said in an interview with the agency that the 10,000-ton lithium carbonate project is scheduled to be put into operation in September 2023; in addition, the company signed a pilot contract with Jiuwu Hi-Tech for 100 tons of lithium hydroxide, and after the successful pilot test, the follow-up consideration of the construction of the 10,000-ton lithium hydroxide project will be considered.

China successfully launched the Test Thirteenth Satellite

At 10:35 on January 17, 2022 Beijing time, China successfully launched the Test 13 Satellite with the Long March 2 Ding carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. The mission was the 406th flight of the Long March series of carrier rockets.

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