China Tech Digest: TSMC To Change All UPS Batteries To Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries; NEV Market Penetration Reached 19.1% In December 2021

TSMC plans to change all UPS batteries to lithium iron phosphate batteries

TSMC will change all uninterrupted power supply(UPS) lead-acid batteries in its plants to lithium iron phosphate batteries in 2030, striving to save another 2.7 million kWh of electricity per year, and adjust the power supply architecture of high-performance computing computer rooms to a DC power supply system for lithium iron phosphate batteries. TSMC’s above-mentioned plan also counseled three system suppliers to adopt it together, promoting the sustainable goal of reducing the carbon footprint of each unit product by 30% and saving 1.5 billion kWh in the supply chain.

CAAM: NEV market penetration reached 19.1% in December 2021

New energy vehicles (NEV) will become the biggest highlight of the automotive industry in 2021, and the sales volume will be the first in the world for 7 consecutive years, according to the statistical analysis of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Its market development has shifted from policy-driven to market-driven new development stage, showing a good development situation of both market scale and development quality, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the “14th Five-Year Plan” automobile industry. The market penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 19.1% in December 2021, which continued to be higher than that of the previous month, of which the market penetration rate of new energy passenger vehicles reached 20.6%.

CICC-GCL Energy Fund raised RMB4.5 billion for carbon neutral industry

CICC Capital and GCL Energy have completed the fundraising of the first phase of its carbon neutral industry fund. CICC-GCL Energy Fund will invest RMB4.5 billion in the mobile energy industry chain and upstream and downstream technologies, including government investment platforms at all levels and upstream and downstream cooperative enterprises.

Guosen Securities: Iterative blood glucose monitoring technology making the market broad

Guosen Securities believes that blood glucose monitoring is a necessary means to control diabetes. BGM (fingertip blood detection) and CGM (continuous blood glucose monitoring) are different means of blood glucose monitoring, BGM technology is mature, currently based on the fourth and fifth generation of electrochemical blood glucose meters. The blood glucose monitoring industry is opportune, and three major boosts in the future will drive the company’s development: the overall expansion of the blood glucose monitoring market; the increase in the localization rate of BGM; and the overtaking of CGM corners.

MIIT: Preparation of lithium battery safety standards officially launched

The lithium battery safety strong standard launch meeting was recently held in Beijing. Representatives of more than 120 research institutions, manufacturers and industry organizations, including the Fourth Academy of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Shenyang Fire Department of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Civil Aviation Science and Technology Research Institute of China, the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ningde Times, EVE, and Huawei Digital Energy, attended the meeting in an “online + offline” manner. In the next step, the Department of Electronic Information will guide relevant technical institutions to accelerate the formulation of strong standards and promote the healthy and orderly development of the lithium battery industry.

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