China Tech Digest: Baidu’s Biocomputing Research Resut Published In Sub-journal Of Nature; SenseTime To Put AI Servers Under The Sea

Baidu’s biocomputing research resut published in sub-journal of Nature

Baidu’s latest research resut "Geometry Enhanced Molecular Representation Learning for Property Prediction" in the field of biological computing has been published in "Nature Machine Intelligence", a sub-journal of the international top academic journal Nature! The paper proposes a Geometry Enhanced Molecular(GEM) Representation Learning model, which introduces the geometric structure information of compounds into self-supervised learning and molecular representation models, so as to analyze and predict the property properties of compound molecules. The application in drug screening can complete the one-year workload of traditional simulation method in a few hours, and the efficiency is increased by thousands of times, greatly reducing the time and cost of drug research and development. It is another major achievement of Baidu in the field of AI-enabled drug research and development.

SenseTime will put AI servers under the sea

Chinese AI technology company SenseTime has recently reached a cooperation with Highlander, a Beijing-based voyage data recorder developer, to jointly carry out the technical practice of green and energy-saving submarine data center. At the beginning of this year, Highlander has completed the test on the first submarine data center in China. The PUE(power usage effectiveness) of a single cabin is 1.076, which saves a lot of fresh water and land resources. SenseTime will participate in the demonstration project of the submarine data center as the first batch of customers to jointly verify the reliability, safety and stability of submarine data center.

Alibaba Cloud helps build a large AI training platform in Beijing

Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. recently won the bid for the ultra-large-scale AI model training platform project in Beijing, providing it with computing node servers, high-speed network switches, management network switches, management node servers, storage devices, AI servers and others. The project is located in Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence and purchased by Beijing Laboratory Service Guarantee Center.

Tencent AI Accelerator member Guandata raises RMB280 million in series C round

Guandata, Tencent AI Accelerator member and Chinese data analysis and business intelligence platform provider, has raised RMB280 million in series C round, led by Tiger Global, participated from Sequoia Capital China, Linear Capital, and existing investors Xianghe Capital and Unicorn Capital Partners. Proceeds of the round will be mainly used for the deepening of the intelligent analysis product matrix, the upgrade of customer management system, and the construction of key industries and user ecology.

MileBot Robotics partners with Wego in orthopedic robots

MileBot Robotics, a Shenzhen-based medical rehabilitation robotics company, has received an exclusive strategic investment from Chinese medical device company Wego Ortho. MileBot will rely on the powerful resources and sales system of Wego to further expand the market of medical rehabilitation robots. In addition, MileBot Robotics will establish a joint venture with Wego to enter the intelligent equipment for diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic related diseases, including intelligent orthopedic equipment, rehabilitation robot, orthopedic rehabilitation evaluation system, etc.

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