Travel vlog: Quzhou has everything!

    BEIJING, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on Quzhou's culture, scenery and delicious food.

    There is a city in Zhejiang Province where adventurers can find everything they want and even more.

    It is Quzhou, a national historical and cultural city where visitors can have in only one place a taste of ancient culture, unique Chinese cuisine and gorgeous scenic spots. Here you will find treasures that you will not see in any other part of the world.

    If you are into adventures in the open air, where you can take a deep breath while enjoying the green of mountains contrasting with a clear blue sky, then you must definitely come to Jianglang Mountain. Here most the people get fascinated with the three monumental stones that add a natural beauty to the natural scenery. The waterfalls and the high cliffs make out of this place a shelter for those that want to stay away from the urban daily life.

    Not all these majestic views deep into the forest are isolated from civilization. If you miss contact with people in your journey, you can head off to the Nianbadu Ancient Town, located in the deep mountain valley of Xianxialing, where you will find some of the most exquisite villages, most of them historical and cultural towns, that offer activities that range from puppet shows to night markets, just like it used to be centuries ago. This area happens to be the interjection of three provinces, Zhejiang, Jiangxi y Fujian, and therefore it intertwines the cultural richness and architectural uniqueness of the three of them.

    Just in the Nianbadu Town you have enough to enjoy nowadays the same buildings and architecture of ancient China. The buildings here are located on both sides of an ancient road the runs along 1 km. Today you can take a look to the residential area while visiting some antique shops for some art pieces or souvenirs. These streets like they used to be centuries ago are dominated by business, with the only difference that now the ones walking down the streets are tourists and not merchants.

    If all these adventures open up your appetite, then you cannot miss the Shuitingjie, where you can have a bit of all the delicacies of the Quzhou cuisine. There are four dishes that you must have in your trip, which are referred by the locals as the three heads and one foot: heads of rabbit, duck and fish, and duck feet. So if you are someone into adventures and you don´t mind having the head of the duck on your table or chew a few duck's feet, then Quzhou is a place you can´t missed!

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    Travel vlog: Quzhou has everything!

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