The Biggest Play-to-Earn Crypto Games Including Axie Infinity Dominate The Market

The biggest play-to-earn crypto games are dominating the scene, with market caps of over US$15 billion and interest increasing up to 717,000%, according to new research.

The study, from Crypto Head, analyzed the games on a number of factors including market capitalization, social popularity as well as value and availability of tokens to reveal the best crypto games on the market right now.

The top five crypto games with the highest market cap are Axie Infinity (market cap: US$15.8 billion), Cross Link (market cap: US$13 billion), Decentraland (market cap: US$4.6 billion), DeFi Kingdoms (US$3.8 billion), and MOBOX (US$2.9 billion).

Only five games have a market cap in the billions, and only two in the tens of billions: Axie Infinity has a fully diluted market cap of almost $16 billion, which is over ten billion more than third-placed Decentraland. The average market cap value of all the crypto games studied is $1.25 billion.

CryptoMines and Bomb Crypto have had by far the biggest increases in popularity, with both seeing six-figure percentage changes from hundreds to millions. They were so far ahead of the rest of the games that the average score was higher than third-placed Metaverse Miner.

By far the most searched game during the past six months was Axie Infinity, there were over 29 million searches around the world for the game. This is just over 28 million more than the average of 1.45 million searches.

The games with the lowest market caps were Crusaders of Crypto, Metaverse Minor and Meeb Master with market caps of just $1,311,000, $2,040,000 and ​​$2,389,107 respectively.

The average value of tokens for crypto games ranked is $63.80. By far the most expensive game tokens are from Yo Hero, their ‘YO’ token is valued at just over $2,021.

Despite having the most expensive game tokens, Yo Hero has one of the smallest public interests with just 13,730 searches in the last six months.

Cross Link is the game with the highest amount traded in 24 hours at over $474 million. Decetraland is the game with the second highest amount traded during a 24 hour period as over $460 million has been exchanged between players.

The three most popular games on Twitter are Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Star Atlas with 915,600, 529,500, and 306,800 followers respectively.

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