Noul’s Hydrogel Stamping is the potential core technology necessary for precise cancer diagnosis, study confirmed

    • The method shows highly efficient and simple on immunostaining 
    • Research Paper by Biotech Start up Noul, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital Published on American Chemical Society Applied Materials and Interfaces.

    YONGIN, South Korea, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study by Noul Co., Ltd., (376930.KR), a KOSDAQ-listed biotech startup, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Clinical Hospital was published in American Chemical Society Applied Materials and Interfaces, a renowned academic journal.  

    Hydrogel stamping is part of NGSI (Next Generation Staining & Immunostaining) technology, which is Noul's proprietary technology that uses solid-based staining instead of the conventional liquid-based one that labs all over the world have been using for over a century. This drastically cuts down on the amount of specimen needed by up to 1/100, and eliminates the need for cleaning or drying, thus generating zero wastewater in the process.

    According to the paper, Hydrogel Stamping for Rapid, Multiplexed, Point of Care Immunostaining of Cells and Tissues, Noul's hydrogel stamping allowed quality immunostaining in one-sixth of time for cells using one-eighth of antibody consumption compared to the conventional solution-based method.

    Hydrogel Stamping identified up to nine biomarkers that diagnose breast cancer even though the amount of antibody was reduced. This study confirmed the potential of Hydrogel based immunostaining as a core technology necessary for precise cancer diagnosis.

    The researchers performed clinical evaluation of immunohistochemical staining (IHC) and biomarkers (HER2, ER, PR) using tissue samples from 12 breast cancer patients. The study has concluded that the developed hydrogel stamping is a highly efficient and simple immunostaining method to stain cells and tissue samples. In addition, when multiple fluorescence is applied to a hydrogel used for staining, multiple analysis is possible, enabling precise diagnosis.

    Meanwhile, Noul is conducting R&D on next-generation diagnostic tests and precision medicine to expand the application of Noul's original technologies and secure new technologies. In 2021, Noul published the paper in the same journal, introducing NGSI as a simple, reproducible, and reasonable method that does not require a separate staining reagent for blood cell staining.

    David Lim, Noul's CEO said "Based on deep tech such as bio, SW/AI, and platforms, Noul has developed and introduced an irreplaceable decentralized diagnostic platform in the market. Through preemptive and continuous R&D, we will secure the reliability of our products and build various bases for confirming our technological prowess in the next-generation diagnostic test and precision medical fields, which are included in Noul's future portfolio."

    About Noul

    Noul, a biotech startup that develops and manufactures next-generation diagnostic platforms, was established in December 2015 based on the mission of 'explore global challenges that threaten human health and life, discover novel potential solutions, and realize those possibilities'. At Noul, experts from various fields including bio, AI, S/W, mechanics, and manufacturing are gathered to solve important human health problems.

    Noul's representative product, miLab™ Diagnostic Platform, is a decentralized diagnostic platform that provides on-site diagnosis. It is a solution that differentiates diagnostic convenience while maintaining the accuracy of microscopic diagnosis procedures which is known as the gold standard in blood diagnostics. From sample preparation to imaging and AI analysis, miLab™ performs the microscopic diagnosis procedures into a fully automated benchtop platform, and provides an accurate analysis in 15 minutes using just 5μl of blood.

    Noul has strived to mature into a company grounded in the philosophy of sustainability since its foundation. Taking sustainability into its central philosophy of corporate management, Noul focuses on internalizing sustainability values in business practices, technology and product developments, and organizational operations. The sustainability of Noul is to comply with ethical and legal standards as a corporate citizen and to balance economic, social, and environmental values on the responsible relationships with stakeholders. 


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