Tencent Cloud Unveils Hyper Application Inventor, Streamlining Rapid AI Application Development

Tencent Cloud announced today the launch of its high-performance application service, Hyper Application Inventor (HAI), offering users a new way to quickly create AI applications.

The introduction of HAI aims to lower the development threshold for AI applications, enhance development efficiency, and enable more users to easily utilize AI technology for application development.

The move follows other major moves in AI for the Chinese tech giant. In September, the Tencent unveiled Hunyuan model, a pre-trained large language model based on the Transformer architecture with a scale of over a hundred billion parameters and a pre-training corpus of over 2 trillion tokens. The model has been used by many internal businesses within the Tencent ecosystem and external parties, but remains a low profile among other Chinese tech firms.

This latest feature HAI, which is released by Tencent Cloud, features plug-and-play computing power and common environments, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises, developers, and individual users in rapidly deploying high-performance applications such as language models (LLM), AI art creation, and data science.

It natively integrates accompanying development tools and components, boosting the efficiency of application development and production, while also reducing the development barrier.

Moreover, HAI intelligently matches applications with the optimal cloud resources to achieve the highest cost-effectiveness. Users don’t need to choose from numerous GPU servers; they can quickly build environments with a one-click deployment method for an easy start.

Additionally, HAI offers a variety of pre-installed model environments, including popular models like StableDiffusion and ChatGLM, and users can also download and deploy the latest open-source models as per their needs.


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