ByteDance Unveils Coze: A Tailored AI Chatbot Builder for the International Market

ByteDance, the Chinese technology conglomerate, has introduced Coze, an artificial intelligence (AI) product, to the overseas market. Coze is an application development platform tailored for crafting next-generation AI chatbots. It joins the lineup of ByteDance’s latest AI offerings for international markets, which also include products like Cici and ChitChop.

Coze, reportedly developed by ByteDance’s AI division Flow, enables the rapid creation of various types of chatbots, which can then be published on different social media platforms including Discord, Telegram and its own Cici platform.

An experiment on the Coze platform reveals that the process to create an AI robot is relatively straightforward. As AI robots cannot access the internet, Coze integrates a rich set of plugin tools, significantly expanding the capabilities of AI robots. Currently, the platform has integrated over 60 types of plugins, including APIs and multimodal models for news reading, travel, office efficiency, and image understanding.

In addition, Coze also provides an easy-to-use knowledge base capability, allowing AI to interact with the user’s own data. Users can store and manage data in the knowledge base, whether it’s processing hundreds of thousands of words in a PDF or real-time information from a website. This enables the self-built robot to use more relevant knowledge for better results.

Coze also features a database memory capability for convenient AI interactions. With this function, users can enable AI robots to persistently remember important parameters or content from conversations with users.

ByteDance is rapidly making its mark in the generative AI arena. Within just a few months, the company has rolled out an impressive array of products, creating a substantial product matrix. This includes their self-developed large-scale model, Skylark (Yun Que), as well as a suite of AI chatbots: Dou Bao, Cici, and ChitChop. Now its product mix adds a new powerful platform to allow users to build their own chatbots.

Similarly, other Chinese tech firms are launching AI products internationally, aiming to secure their share in the global market.

Baidu recently launched an AI product named Meiya in South Korea positioned as an AI camera. Users can use Meiya to generate professional-quality large works online. Compared to general AI cameras, it offers a more diverse range of AI editing functions.

In December, SenseTime announced the launch of the "Yuanluobo AI Go-Playing Robot" in Japan, marking the first home-use chess-playing robot in that market and SenseTime’s first foray into the Japanese consumer market, further expanding its overseas business footprint.

Earlier, Alibaba Group’s research institute, DAMO Academy, launched the first AI large-scale model version trained on Southeast Asian languages, SeaLLM, and a chatbot named SeaLLM-chat, indicating Alibaba’s focus on the Southeast Asian market.


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