World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance Calls for Inclusive Global Access to Advanced AI

The AI Governance Alliance (AIGA), under the auspices of the World Economic Forum, released a triad of pivotal reports today, presenting a collective call to action for a globally concerted effort toward achieving equitable access to advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

The reports, delving into generative AI governance, unlocking its value, and establishing a framework for responsible AI development and deployment, underscore the alliance’s commitment to steering AI development responsibly.

In the evolving landscape of AI, where its transformative potential is matched by the risks of exacerbating existing digital divides, AIGA’s initiative touches on a critical and controversial topic. The alliance seeks to shape the trajectory of responsible AI development and governance, ensuring broad distribution and accessibility of this groundbreaking technology.

Cathy Li, Head of AI, Data, and Metaverse at the World Economic Forum, emphasized AIGA’s unique position in fostering global access to AI-related resources. Li stressed the imperative of collaborative efforts among governments, the private sector, and local communities to ensure that the benefits of AI are shared inclusively.

AIGA’s appeal spans critical areas including enhancing data quality and availability globally, expanding access to computational resources, and tailoring AI models to local needs.

Despite the immense potential of AI to address global challenges, the alliance acknowledges the potential risks, including the widening of digital divides. The briefing paper series, a collaborative effort with IBM Consulting and Accenture, examines these challenges and offers strategic insights.

Beyond governance and access, AIGA seeks to mobilize resources for exploring AI benefits in key sectors such as healthcare and education.


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