Vooglam Unveils Exciting Brand Look to Ignite Your Inner Glam

AUSTIN,Texas, , March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 2017, Vooglam has consistently been at the forefront of providing unique and fashionable eyewear. We are proud to announce a pivotal moment in our journey—a comprehensive brand refresh that includes a new logo, tagline, brand narrative, and packaging design. This change is designed to deepen our connection with consumers and continue to spread Vooglam's vision and future direction globally.

Vooglam: Ignite Your Inner Glam
Vooglam: Ignite Your Inner Glam

The new logo draws from Vooglam's inclusivity and distinctive allure, paying attention to the spirit of freedom, bold expression, and continuous advancement. The interlinked characters in the logo not only suggest Vooglam's ongoing consolidation of its status as a fashion innovator but also highlight the unique and stylish allure. The inclusion of star symbols in the new Vooglam logo celebrates the idea that choosing Vooglam's products allows everyone's personal expression to shine brightly.

Vooglam's new tagline, "Ignite Your Inner Glam," serves as a powerful call to action, encouraging the embrace of diversity and bold self-expression through our range of products. This slogan is more than just a catchphrase; it is a declaration of Vooglam's commitment to using fashion as a platform for showcasing individuality, self-expression, inclusivity, and community engagement.

About Vooglam

Vooglam challenges traditional norms by advocating for eyewear as a reflection of personal style, not just a functional item. Transitioning from the singular function of vision correction to a fashion statement of personal style, Vooglam has been dedicated to this goal.

Moreover, Vooglam is committed to creating a space where everyone can confidently express their identity, no matter where they are. By offering a wide range of product options, Vooglam hopes everyone can find their preferred style and amplify their personal statement through fashion eyewear that reflects their true selves.

Since its establishment, Vooglam has relentlessly pursued innovation to meet customer needs, closely monitoring consumer trends and aligning with consumer preferences. Today, Vooglam continues to be a fashion pioneer and a professional provider of prescription eyewear, serving over 2 million people across 80% of countries and regions worldwide. The brand's success is also attributed to its commitment to a shared vision and to an inclusive community where various styles and expressions of individuality are respected.

Packaging Redesign

Vooglam values first impressions highly. In this refresh, the packaging has been revitalized with vibrant orange and iconic line patterns, offering a lively and vivid visual experience. The consistent use of vibrant orange not only reflects the brand's energetic spirit but also represents Vooglam's unwavering commitment to its customers.

Reflecting on this new chapter for Vooglam signifies the dawn of a new era in fashion leadership. This move is set to resonate within the fashion industry, inviting everyone to "Ignite Your Inner Glam" and showcase their unparalleled style.

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Vooglam: Where eyewear becomes an expression of you. Explore our fashion-forward designs that empower self-expression and celebrate individuality, making every pair a statement piece.

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