Milesight Empowers Building Energy Retrofitting with loT Solutions and LoRaWAN® Technology

XIAMEN, China, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's world, where environmental consciousness is on the rise, the focus on energy efficiency is becoming paramount. Buildings, being one of the largest consumers of energy, offer a significant opportunity for reducing carbon footprints and conserving resources. Milesight, by leveraging LoRaWAN® technology, has come up with several robust solutions for enabling connectivity and data exchange in smart building ecosystems, and help customers explore how LoRaWAN technology can revolutionize traditional buildings into intelligent, data-driven spaces. Besides, with support for LoRaWAN Gateway with BACnet real-time data can be seamlessly integrated into existing Building Management System (BMS).

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Featured and Highlights Products

Mini lndustrial Cellular Router

  • Small but Mighty
  • Support GPS & Multiple lnterfaces
  • Low Power Consumption with Smart Operating Modes

Smart Current Transformer

  • Non-invasive Installation
  • Real-time Accumulated Ampere Hour Calculation
  • Superior Accuracy with Up to 3.3kHz Frequency

Smart Heating and Cooling Controls

  • Great Candidate for Smart Temperature Control via HVAC Systems, Radiator, Fan Coil Unites, etc.
  • Support Pre-set Date Period with Programmable Schedules

Smart Office and Workplace Optimization

  • Suitable for Workplace Utilization and Power Consumption Management
  • Support Multicast, Overcurrent Protection, Remote and Local Control(WS50x/WS51x/WS523/WS558)

Results and Benefits

By leveraging LoRaWAN technology for energy management, the commercial office building achieves the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Dynamic optimization of building systems results in significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Enhanced Comfort

Personalized control and adaptive environments improve occupant comfort and productivity.

Improved Sustainability

By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, the building contributes to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

Level-up Scalability

The flexible architecture of LoRaWAN allows for future expansion and integration of additional smart building applications, such as predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and indoor positioning.

Milesight envisions a future where every building, from commercial offices to residential complexes, operates seamlessly through the integration of advanced IoT technologies, with LoRaWAN at the forefront. The innovation can empower building owners, managers, and occupants with actionable insights and intuitive solutions that optimize energy usage, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the overall quality of life within built environments. Milesight believes in harnessing the power of data to drive informed decision-making and enable predictive maintenance, ultimately leading to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

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