Pantheon Lab Powers KFC Taiwan’s Revolutionary AI Intern "Kala"

A bold leap forward pioneering the future of customer service with cutting-edge Generative AI technology

HONG KONG, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Pantheon Lab Limited, a pioneering force in the generative AI space, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with KFC Taiwan in launching "Kala", an AI-powered intern, at the forefront of KFC Taiwan's "Digital Future Store 2.0". This ground-breaking initiative signifies a monumental step in redefining the customer service landscape through innovative AI technology. Kala's appearance, generated from photographs of KFC Taiwan's 400 employees, makes her a true representation of the KFC Taiwan family, elevating the brand's friendly service and warm hospitality to new heights.

Developed by Pantheon Lab, Kala represents a significant advancement in utilizing Generative AI to cater to the dynamic demands of the hospitality industry. Kala is designed to communicate with precision and empathy, mirroring the natural rhythms of human speech, lip-sync, and gestures, thereby enhancing the customer service experience. Kala is engineered to assist customers throughout the ordering process, enabling them to make selections independently. While this initiative currently enhances the customer ordering experience, it sets the stage for a future where fully autonomous and contactless dining becomes the norm, heralding a new era of intelligent ordering within the fast-food sector. The goal is to augment Kala's functionalities by adding a direct ordering system, aiming to refine customer interactions with unparalleled efficiency and genuine warmth, ultimately leading towards the vision of a seamless contactless dining future.

Yvonne Hsieh, General Manager of KFC Taiwan, shares her enthusiasm, "The launch of our 'Digital Future Store 2.0' with Kala at the helm marks a significant innovation in the global fast-food landscape, introducing a level of service that's not only technologically advanced but deeply personal and warmly hospitable. This milestone reflects our team's dedication and forward-thinking approach to integrating Generative AI, enhancing our service experience to be more engaging and human-centred. We're proud to pioneer in bringing such a personalized digital service to our customers, showcasing Kala's ability to deliver service with warmth and a personal touch."

Ivan Lau, Co-Founder and CEO of Pantheon Lab, reflects on the vision driving this innovation, "Our partnership with KFC Taiwan and the development of Kala represent not just a technological achievement but a commitment to harnessing AI for Good. By creating solutions that touch lives and transform service experiences, we continue to advance towards a future where technology amplifies human potential."

This initiative is integral to Pantheon Lab's wider mission to pioneer advancements in Generative AI technology, underscoring the commitment to developing digital solutions that transcend technological innovation to deliver significant social benefits. With the integration of AI, the aim is to elevate customer service to unprecedented levels, embracing hyper-personalization to tailor interactions uniquely for each individual. This approach not only enhances the user experience but also marks a significant leap in how services can be customized to meet diverse needs and preferences. Pantheon Lab's continuous investment in research and development is a testament to the ambition to solidify its leadership in the AI domain, particularly in revolutionizing customer service experiences with personalization at its core.

As Pantheon Lab celebrates this milestone, the company remains dedicated to exploring new frontiers in AI, with a promise to unveil further innovations that embody the "AI for Good" philosophy. This venture highlights Pantheon Lab's unwavering commitment to advancing the digital human technology landscape and contributing positively to society, as it innovates and redefines the possibilities of AI and digital human technology.


Pantheon Lab's proficiency in Generative AI was previously showcased through the creation of the AI Ambassador "Tracy" for the Hong Kong's MTR Corporation. This front-facing digital human, now operational at Quarry Bay Station and Kai Tak Station, was engineered for high-precision and empathetic interaction, embodying the natural rhythms of human communication with advanced lip-sync and gestural replication. "Tracy" has established a benchmark in digital customer service by offering the ease and reliability one would expect from a dedicated customer service agent.

Kala, the AI-powered intern by Pantheon Lab utilizing Generative AI, welcomes customers at KFC Taiwan's 'Digital Future Store 2.0', showcasing a fusion of warm hospitality with advanced, personalized customer service. Image download: 

For an immersive look at Kala in action and the innovative environment of KFC Taiwan's 'Digital Future Store 2.0', view here:

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