Goldpac Exhibits at InnoEx 2024

Transforming the fintech consumer experience

HONG KONG, April 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Goldpac is exhibiting its latest digital transformation technologies at InnoEx 2024 (booth 3D-C12). Eight demonstrations adorn four scenario-based backdrops illustrate multiple use cases of self-service kiosks, desktop terminals, and card issuance-related cloud management solutions.

A simulated bank branch creates a setting for visitors to experience a complete self-service journey. Onboarding (SST-502) and instant card issuance solutions with on-screen virtual assistance (ACE301) are designed to reduce demands on teller windows, lower manpower requirements, elevate customer services quality, and offer greater consumer convenience.

Making its exhibition debut, the YoMee mobile application provides users with the latest financial news, comprehensive bank card comparison, and card customisation linked with self-service collection, creating a new acquisition channel to target micro-customer groups for banks and financial institutions.

Underpinning YoMee is the UMV card order management platform exhibited in the bank office environment. UMV offers issuers and distributors an extensive card gallery, and order processing automation to help accelerate the sales cycle. It can be integrated with a range of production hardware to reduce manual processing and improve documentation accuracy for faster, more efficient order handling.

Additionally, a staff card onboarding and issuance scenario illustrates how an all-in-one multi-application card issuance printer (PIE001) easily handles identity verification, photo ID capture, and card issuance without the need for an external PC.

Great news for hotels! Eliminate long check in queues with the self-service hotel kiosk (HT-141-A5). The multifaceted terminal allows hotel guests to manage reservations, check in, obtain their room key, browse hotel information, and book amenities at their own convenience, any time of their stay. 

Finally, a card gallery showcases captivating premium card effects, finishings, eco-friendly materials, LED, and encrusted diamonds among many others. Visitors can realise their creativity with AI-driven image generation and GoldAudit content verification using the on-demand DIY card printer (DCE160). Capitalise on trending topics (popstars, anime, gaming etc.) and enable rapid customer acquisition.

About Goldpac Group (03315.HK)

Goldpac provides products and solutions that addresses the financial industry's diverse needs for secure, convenient, and easy-to-use payment solutions. These solutions cover user onboarding, personalisation and payment device issuance systems, software, self-service kiosks, and desktop printers.

Its operations cover businesses and sectors including financial services, telecommunications, social security, healthcare, transport, retail, mobile payment, identity, third-party payment platforms and other security services domains. 


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