Bigo Live Celebrates 8 Years of Empowering Creators in Vietnam

With Special Guest Thu Hang

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading live-streaming platform, Bigo Live Vietnam is gearing up to celebrate their 8th birthday in glamor and style. The popular live-streaming platform that has won the hearts of many creators in Vietnam is celebrating their birthday in style, bringing the Vietnamese community together through a myriad of games and festivities that will be hosted from 22 - 30th April.

The celebrations this year will comprise specially crafted virtual birthday-themed gifts in our livestream. Users can use these special virtual gifts to surprise and gift to their favourite idols during their livestreams. The idols who have the most number of gifts will be awarded a special entrance ticket to one of the most coveted events of the year - the Bigo Birthday Night.

The Bigo Birthday Night will be held at a luxurious location and will be an evening filed with surprises for all who attends. The special event details will only be released on social media and on the Bigo Live app. Be sure to check in regularly to find out more about this exciting event.

To add to the excitement, this year we will have a brand new online game show, "Bigo says Hi", with many popular  streamers and famous MC like Kengxii, Nabi, Oanh Oanh, Thanh Binh, Han Bae, Nhim Cai Bang in Bigo Live. The game show will feature a series of guessing games, and each winner will win 8000 beans. Viewers will also stand to win 200 diamonds in this series of fast-paced games. The game show will air at 20:00 pm (GMT +7) on 25.04.2024 at Bigo ID: ngayhoiquytoc.

Previous celebrations were similarly exciting. Popular idols, agencies and families attended the prestigious event. They were entertained by popular idols Thu Hang, the Red Lady who sang trendy songs and Chu bay Hocman who brought smiles with his comedy show. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves immensely.


So don't hesitate to come & join us in our celebrations! Download Bigo Live to find out more about how you can be part of our celebrations. You could also be a lucky winner and join us at our exclusive Bigo Birthday Night.

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