Tian X. Hou: Weibo Will Finally Bolster Sina’s Bottom Line

In this edition of China Money Network, Tian X. Hou, founder and CEO of T.H. Capital, shares her thoughts on why Qihoo’s stock is just starting a major bull run, why Sina is undervalued and what Baidu should do to advance forward in a mobile world. Listen to the full interview in the audio podcast, watch an abbreviated video version or read an excerpt below. Q: How will China’s economic slowdown impact Chinese overseas listed Internet stocks? A: Not that …

Is An acquisition Or Go-Private Deal In Store For Sina?

The author is Tian X. Hou, founder and CEO of Chinese equity research firm T.H. Capital Among all U.S.-listed Chinese shares, we believe Sina Corp. was one of the worst performers with stock dropping about 50% from its 52-week high due to multiple negatives, including a weaker economy, the negative impact from Tencent’s WeChat and the revocation of its online video license.

Tencent Boosts Stake In China South City To 11.55%

Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. plans to pay HK$822.5 million (US$106.1 million) to increase its take in Hong Kong-listed Chinese logistics center developer China South City Holdings Ltd. to 11.55% from 9.9%, according to a company announcement. Tencent will exercise an option on or before September 30 to purchase 244.8 million additional shares for HK$3.36 apiece, says the statement.

Tiantu Capital Leads $16.3M Financing Round In MuWu BBQ

Shenzhen-based Chinese restaurant chain MuWu BBQ has received RMB100 million (US$16.3 million) financing led by Tiantu Capital. In return, Tiantu will obtain 15% of MuWu BBQ and become the company’s second largest shareholder, according to a Wechat message posted by the company’s founder Sui Zhengjun. It’s unclear which round of financing the latest investment is. MuWu BBQ says it will use the proceeds on expanding its restaurant chains across the country.

Tencent Leads $100M Financing Round For GuaHao.Com

Hangzhou-based online healthcare service provider GuaHao.com has received over US$100 million investment by Chinese Internet services giant Tencent Holdings Limited, according to a company announcement. This is the largest single investment in China’s Internet healthcare sector. No further details of the investment were disclosed. But GuaHao.com will continue to operate independently, says the statement. The investment is part of a wider strategic partnership to be established between the two parties. GuaHao.com will incorporate Tencent’s products such as its Wechat app …

Jinzi Ham Leads $24M Series B Round In Weimob

Shanghai-based Weimob, which provides third-party marketing services to Wechat users, has completed RMB150 million (US$24 million) series B financing led by Shenzhen-listed packaged food manufacturer Jinzi Ham Co., Ltd., according to a securities filing. Jinzi Ham invested RMB126 million. Existing investor Meridian Capital China and an undisclosed individual investor also participated in the round, which reportedly valued the company at RMB800 million (US$130 million). Founded in 2013, Weimob provides marketing and promotional services to over one million businesses on Tencent …

Qiming Leads $49.5M Series C In Chinese O2O Firm Helijia

Beijing-based consumer service O2O (online-to-offline) platform Helijia has completed US$49.5 million series C round of financing led by Qiming Venture Partners, according to a Wechat post published by its founder. New investors, Maison Capital and GX Capital, as well as existing investors IDG Capital Partners and Broadband Capital, also participated. Founded in 2014, Helijia connects consumers with service providers via its mobile apps. Consumers can reserve and enjoy manicure, facial, hair styling services at home.

Wepiao Completes $105M Series B From Tencent, Wanda

The operator of online movie ticket booking services platform Wepiao, Beijing Weiying Technology Co. Ltd., has completed US$105 million series B round of financing from Tencent Holdings Limited, Dalian Wanda Group, and other investors, according to Chinese media reports. Founded in 2014 by Tencent, China Culture Industry Investment Fund, and Bison Capital, Beijing Weiying provides online booking and payment for movie tickets via mobile apps based on Tencent’s Wechat and QQ platforms. It also operates web portal, Wepiao.com.

Tencent Invests $50M In Canadian Chat App Kik

Tencent Holdings Limited has invested US$50 million in Canadian chat start-up Kik Interactive Inc. in a round that values the six-year-old company at US$1 billion, according to a company statement. Founded in 2009, Kik has raised nearly US$40 million in financing from investors including Valiant Capital Partners, Millennium Technology Value Partners and SV Angel.

Five Unique Features Of The Chinese App Market You Must Know

The author is Scarlett Li, consultant at Daxue Consulting As more and more Chinese consumers possess mobile phones, the app market in China is growing rapidly. Today, there are about 1.29 billion mobile users in China, and app stores in China account for two thirds of the world’s app downloads.

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Holds Group Wedding Ceremony

300-year old Marriage House Brings Blessings to New Couples

FOSHAN, China, Oct. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On October 4, 2015, Foshan Lingnan Tiandi held a group wedding ceremony in a traditional Lingnan style at "Wenhuili Marriage House". In the theme of "Love in Lingnan", inheriting 300 years of marriage custom in Lingnan area, nine new couples selected from Foshan, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong will experience a traditional wedding ceremony, usually seen in films, including wearing traditional wedding dress, sitting in a bridal sedan-chair, kicking the door of the sedan-chair, jumping across brazier, and bowing to parents. Moreover, local-specific figures Gook Luck Elders (an elderly male and a female) attended the ceremony to bring more blessings to the couples. The founder and Chairman of the Shui On Group, Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo and Ms. Loletta Chu also came to witness how traditional Lingnan culture revives in the new era.

Nine New couples with Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo & Ms. Loletta Chu and Foshan Government Officers

Nine New couples with Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo & Ms. Loletta Chu and Foshan Government Officers

Lingnan Marriage Custom Revives at 300-year-old Marriage House

As one of the dynamic carriers of traditional culture, custom has gradually become a valuable cultural heritage through generations. Invaluable marriage customs were kept in Lingnan area. Foshan Lingnan Tiandi has been committed to promoting traditional Lingnan culture. In 2013, a tailor-made group wedding ceremony was organized by Lingnan Tiandi for the first time. The over 300-year old marriage house was opened to new couples for the first time. Two persons from different families tie the knot. The style of wedding ceremony carries forward the distinctive traditional marriage culture in Lingnan areas.

Wenhuili Marriage House, within Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Project Phase II, was built in early Qing dynasty. This building complex was first inhabited by a Yang family. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Foshan was densely populated, and at that time, the wedding gave priority to grand ceremony to attract more attention. Spacious places, however, were not available. Under this circumstance, the Yang family rented out their big houses for wedding events, which turned into a custom. After mid-Qing dynasty, the owner of the building changed; ever after it served as marriage houses. Wenhuili Marriage House, as the model of one-stop wedding ceremony venue, used to be highly popular. It provided spacious halls and comfortable environment, and a set of specific rooms for wedding ceremony such as marriage room, obeisance rite hall, Jiaxi hall (happy family hall), and wedding room. Besides, big red lantern designed for wedding events, big red bridal sedan chair, Bayin Luogu (eight tune gong and drum) were all available.                

Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo and Ms. Loletta Chu to witness happy marriage

Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life. There is an old saying, "Passing the imperial examination is the greatest event, closely followed by marriage." This grand group wedding ceremony boasts as the only one in China that recovers the Lingnan marriage custom in historical marriage house.

The new couples start from the Marco Polo Hotel at Foshan Lingnan Tiandi. The brides sitting on bridal sedan chairs follow the Chinese-style honor guard and Bayin Luogu performers along the Liangyuan Road (blessed marriage road) until they reach marriage house, outside of which the brides complete such traditional rites as kicking sedan door and jumping across brazier. Then they will be led into the room by the Dajinjie (female Gook Luck Elder) and the obeisance rite will be completed there. The rite follows traditional practice. First the groom lifts up the veil covering the bride’s face; then they will drink wine with arms crossed and present tea to their parents-in-law.

Officers from Foshan Municipal government and Mr. Vincent H. S. L, chairman of Shui On Group and Ms. Loletta Chu will witness the ceremony and send their blessings. They will guide the newly-weds to make their love promise, marking the completion of their wedding ceremony.

Exceptional Wedding Experience for The Young Generation

To further promote traditional Lingnan marriage custom among young people, Lingnan Tiandi opened Wechat application channel for this group wedding ceremony. The active participation by young couples from Guangzhou, Foshan, even from Hong Kong, demonstrates the unique and enduring charm of Lingnan culture. Among the new couples, many of them are fans of Lingnan marriage culture. And this group wedding ceremony will help to realize their dream of having a traditional wedding ceremony.

"The active participation of young couples from different parts proves that young people show high recognitions of our efforts at preserving traditional Lingnan culture and that our preserving model makes Lingnan culture reach wider regions, including Guangzhou, Foshan, and Pearl River Delta areas, even Hong Kong and Macau." Mr. Dixon Man, deputy director of Foshan project of Shui On Land, said, "The marriage registration office of Chancheng District, Foshan City, is near the Wenhuili Marriage House of Lingnan Tiandi. The office is quaint and elegant and has become a popular marriage registration place for many young couples. The Wenhuili Marriage House, together with the registration office, forms a complete set of Lingnan marriage culture, which enables Lingnan traditional marriage culture reaches wider and gain more attraction."

Impressive Culture Preservation Results Brought by Lingnan Tiandi

The ancient Foshan is one of the four famous cities in China, giving birth to urban scenery and tonality of this city in modern age. Taking Zumiao, Donghuali, and historical areas as the axis for development, Foshan Lingnan Tiandi makes full use of the pot ear shaped gable,tile ridge, carved eaves, and meandering alleys. These are all typical Lingnan architecture, which maintain the historical characteristics and urban landscape, meanwhile creating comfortable open space in the way of combining historical and modern elements. To highlight and showcase Foshan’s status as hometown of Cantonese opera, Foshan Lingnan Tiandi introduced pottery, martial arts, various food from all over the world, and many specialty shops and restaurants to enrich the complexity of the area and fresh consumers’ experience in dining and shopping here . The catering companies here include such time-honored Foshan brands as Taigenpu Rice Porridge, and dynamic international brands as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Haagen-Dazs. Many specialty brands such as Honeymoon Desert, Wu Xi Restaurant, Koyama Japanese Cuisine, Pacific Coffee, The West, Minxin, also find their places. The integration of Eastern and Western elements, combined with diversified business models, helps shape a modern lifestyle full of Cantonese characteristics. Foshan Lingnan Tiandi has become a signature area of Foshan city.

With unique culture, Lingnan Tiandi is also committed to promoting and refining Lingnan culture by introducing more international artistic elements to it. In 2014, it joined hands with master artist Gu Wenda and held an art exhibition featuring "filial piety" in the form of modern arts, making this traditional moral culture manifest a modern and stylish face by absorbing creative and vanguard art elements. Lingnan Tiandi cooperated with internationally-known photographer Ms. Loletta Chu Lo and held two photography exhibitions, which inspired people’s passion for Lingnan culture. Amid the growing integration between traditional culture and modern arts, Lingnan Tiandi has become the new carrier of Foshan’s urban culture and a window for others to know about Foshan.

General Manager of China Xintiandi Foshan project Mr. Joe Zou said, "This is the second time for Foshan Lingnan Tiandi to hold such a group wedding ceremony since 2013. I believe it would be an unforgettable moment for the new couples. Lingnan Tiandi will surely be committed to preserving local cultural heritage, and making the city prosperous through cultural activities."

About Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi, designed and implemented by Shui On Land Co., Ltd. is at the heart area of Foshan city. The project adopts the concepts followed by Shanghai Xintiandi project and renovates the historical architectures in the Zumiao and Donghuali areas, with modern techniques where arcade, fire wall, black brick, flagging and winding streets, which are full of Lingnan characteristics, are not only well preserved but also embracing modern commercial elements. People can get special leisure and entertainment experience there. The project is at the traffic hub of Foshan, near Zumiao station of Guangzhou-Foshan railway line and Pujun North station. The amenities around this project are complete, including A-class office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools, public facilities, and government agencies.

History of Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Marriage House

The Marriage House, within Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Project Phase II, was built in early Qing dynasty. This building complex was first inhabited by a Yang family. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Foshan was densely populated. Most houses were crowded with people. At that time, the wedding gave priority to grand ceremony, seeking to attract more attention. Spacious places, however, were not available. Seeing this, the Yang family rented out their big houses for wedding events. As Foshan’s commodity economy grew in Qing dynasty, renting marriage house became very popular in towns. And it gradually evolved into a kind of custom. After mid-Qing dynasty, this building complex was changed hands and used as regularly rented marriage houses until early years of the Republic of China.

About China Xintiandi

China Xintiandi is a high-end commercial real estate project investor, operator, and manager. As the managing company of Shanghai Xintiandi, China Xintiandi follows the objective of "combing life, work, and entertainment", and has been committed to vibrant communities, as a way to bring business prosperity to the whole areas. Under the vision of "bringing enduring colorful life", the corporation keeps delivering enjoyable experience for people’s life and long-term value for businesses. As a subsidiary of Shui On Land, China Xintiandi boasts an exciting portfolio of operations, including commercial retail, office building, hotel, and leisure and entertainment real estate, covering many major cities such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, and Foshan.

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20151008/0861509469

ZTE launches new AXON devices, announces flagship product strategy

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZTE, a leading global mobile device maker, today held a conference for
its AXON flagship device series, during which the company talked about
its flagship device strategy for the first time. At the same event, ZTE
confirmed the global availability of the AXON mini, including the
pressure-sensitive touch and NBA versions, and the AXON Watch for China.

“Devices in our ZTE AXON product lines are designed entirely with
consumers in mind and to be the nerve center of everything they do,”
said Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE Mobile Devices. “Our high-end flagship strategy
is now in full swing and we believe we have all of the ingredients to
become a leading consumer electronics brand globally.”

For the first time, ZTE discussed its AXON flagship device product
line-up, which consists of: AXON, AXON mini, AXON MAX, and the AXON

In addition to availability announcements for the AXON mini versions and
the AXON Watch, ZTE also unveiled the AXON MAX – a larger-screen
smartphone device with a bigger battery.


First unveiled in July 2015, ZTE’s AXON mini became the world’s first
smartphone to come with a pressure-sensitive touch screen that
recognizes different levels of touch pressure for enhanced functions and
experience, such as interactive gaming, passwords and more.

ZTE’s AXON mini boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 octa-core processor and
Adreno 405 GPU, a 2800mAh battery, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and support for up
to 128GB SD card expansion. AXON mini sports a 13 megapixel camera at
the back with phase detection autofocus (PDAF) that offers a focus time
of just 0.1 seconds. At the front, AXON mini features an 8 megapixel
camera with a 5P aspherical lens. AXON mini’s dual microphones are
supported by an AKM4961 Hi-Fi audio chipset, delivering 32 bit
high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio playback, as well as high quality sound

With a body made from Boeing 787 aircraft-grade aluminum-titanium alloy,
the AXON mini has both a premium look and feel and is just 3.5mm thin.
At just 70mm wide, the AXON mini’s 0.85mm thin bezels allow the device
to feature a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED FHD 2.5D curved-edge screen.

AXON mini’s voice search function can be activated within 1.2 seconds.
It also comes with voice translation support for English, Chinese,
Japanese and Korean, offering real-time voice translation. In addition,
the AXON mini supports voice messaging and chat functions.

AXON mini supports three different biometric authentication options:
fingerprint, voice control and eye-scan.

The ZTE AXON mini NBA version comes in a number of design options,
featuring NBA images, and are loaded with a number of NBA services. The
AXON mini NBA version is a result of a partnership between ZTE, the NBA
and Tencent.

All versions of the ZTE AXON mini will be available to purchase in China
online from ZTE’s own MyZTE store and JD.com, as well as offline from
major retail outlets. In the coming months, the ZTE AXON mini will also
be made available in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Japan,
India, Australia, France, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Italy.

AXON mini will be available in three color options: Ion Gold, Chromium
Silver and Rose Gold.

AXON mini (Premium Edition)

China: 2699 CNY

Asia-Pacific: 439 USD

Europe: 389 EUR

AXON mini

China: 2299 CNY (Ion Gold and Chromium Silver); 2399 CNY (Rose Gold)

Asia-Pacific: 379 USD (Ion Gold and Chromium Silver); 399 USD (Rose Gold)

Europe: 329 EUR (Ion Gold and Chromium Silver); 349 EUR (Rose Gold)


Unveiled in July 2015, the ZTE AXON Watch features a 1.4-inch Gorilla
Glass screen with sapphire coating and is IP67 certified. It comes with
a 300 mAh battery, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB storage and Bluetooth 4.1.
Developed by ZTE and Tencent, the smart watch runs on Tencent OS and
supports both voice and gesture control.

The ZTE AXON Watch can be used for both fitness and health monitoring,
and supports a range of other applications, from phone calls to
messaging, including the popular instant messaging and social media
platforms WeChat and QQ.

The ZTE AXON Watch will be available for purchase in China via ZTE’s own
MyZTE store from 27 October.


ZTE Corporation
Eva Chen, +86 21 68897511
[email protected]
Edstrom Communications
Laura Liu, +86 10 59001242
[email protected]

Wuyuan, Jiangxi Rolls Out Joint Tourism Programs During China’s National Day Holiday, Bringing in Visitors and Media Coverage Wins

WUYUAN, China, Oct. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — China’s week-long National Day holiday ended on a rainy day in one of China’s popular tourist destinations, Wuyuan, in Jiangxi province. The seven-day break proved to be a well-earned boon across the entire spectrum of Wuyuan’s travel and hospitality sector.

From October 1st-7th, over 571,200 tourists visited Wuyuan, an increase of 10.72% compared to the same period last year. Sales of entrance tickets to tourist attractions rose 10.23% to 25.12 million yuan. Visitors in the aggregate spent 318.15 million yuan, up 8.23%. On October 4th, 160,200 tourists visited Wuyuan, setting a new single-day record.

Local tourism authorities rolled out several new events within Jiangwan Scenic Area, including Time-Travel in Ancient Costume and Rural Games, to improve the cultural experience for visitors during their rural journey and assure them of a rewarding holiday trip. In addition, Wuyuan made it truly affordable for tourists to enjoy all it has to offer – a program named "The Most Beautiful Journey", jointly created by Sanqing Mountain and the Wuyuan and Jingdezhen ancient kiln sites, three local scenic areas that have received the "5A" top designation rating given by China’s National Tourism Administration. Over 600 tickets were sold on the first day, 70% of which were to individuals, which enabled visitors to enjoy distinctly unique experiences at the three sites with a single payment of 300 yuan. Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd. also worked with Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical in a promotional deal that offered "gifts" to visitors who shared the "Join Us in Civilized Travel" initiative on WeChat by scanning its code.

Wuyuan’s tourism sector continues to attract media’s attention. In the first seven-day holiday following the opening of a new high-speed rail line with a station near Wuyuan, the local tourism market witnessed strong traction and rolled out innovative tourism programs, including highly-acclaimed tourism volunteer services, civilization guards, information desks, which received ample coverage on China Central Television CCTV1’s Xinwen Lianbo (broadcast daily at 7pm), CCTV4 (CCTV International)’s China News (broadcast daily at 7 am and again at 12 noon), Jiangxi TV, Jiangxi Xinwen Yehang and other media outlets.  Web portals including sohu.com, xinhuanet.com, news.163.com, china.com.cn, ifeng.com, sina.com.cn, people.cn and dili360.com also reported on Wuyuan’s tourism landscape, beautiful scenery and series of interesting events.  

Tsinghua University and UNICEF Host Youth Innovation Forum to Inspire New Ideas for Disadvantaged Children Around the World

BEIJING, Oct. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The inaugural Tsinghua-UNICEF Youth Innovation Forum ignited forward-looking conversations and helped build networks between young people from China and the global South as well as private sector and development partners for responding to the needs of the world’s most disadvantaged children and contributing to global development.

Caroline Barebwoha, Project Officer at UNICEF Nigeria, speaks at the inaugural Tsinghua-UNICEF Youth Innovation Forum in Beijing on October 17, 2015.©Photo: UNICEF China/2015/Xia Yong

Caroline Barebwoha, Project Officer at UNICEF Nigeria, speaks at the inaugural Tsinghua-UNICEF Youth Innovation Forum in Beijing on October 17, 2015.©Photo: UNICEF China/2015/Xia Yong

Gathering at the campus of Tsinghua University, the two-day forum is organized by the university’s Academy of Arts & Design and the Institute of Education. It falls under a partnership between Tsinghua University and UNICEF to harness innovation for delivering services that help better meet the rights of all children, but particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Dr Chen Xu, the Chair of the Tsinghua University Council, said in a video message that strengthening the Tsinghua-UNICEF partnership is an important contribution to advance the cause for women and children.

She hopes that this forum can serve as an opportunity to further advance the partnership, demonstrate both parties’ comparative advantage in realizing child rights, and jointly cultivate dedicated young people’s commitment to global and humanitarian issues. Moreover, the UNICEF-Tsinghua partnership can strive to create an open-source platform, push for people-to-people exchange, and use new science and technology findings to develop innovative products and services for the public good.

UNICEF’s Executive Director Anthony Lake said in a video message at the forum’s opening ceremony, "Children are not only at the heart of UNICEF’s work – they’re at the heart of our shared commitment to innovation." He noted that young can help address some of the problems confronting children today and that the forum was an opportunity for young people to contribute to "building a better, safer, healthier world for children everywhere through innovation," especially as the global community turns its attention to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

The forum brought together more than 200 young people, designers, technologists, social entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and industry leaders from China and the global South. They highlighted their stories of innovation and entrepreneurship and reflected on how the application of technological advancements can contribute to the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

The opening session featured eight young innovators from China, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia and Lebanon who are generating or have the potential to generate positive social impact through creative ways and who talked of their experiences. They were given the opportunity to interact with and direct questions to representatives from UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as leading ICT industry technology experts.

The forum introduced insights from a series of innovation projects, piloted and used by UNICEF to deliver results for children around the world. These included:

  • U-Report. The U-Report (http://ureport.in/) social messaging tool enables communication between young people and decision makers. U-Report works through the SMS medium, especially the most basic of mobile phones, and is available on social media. As of October 2015, U-Report is live in 17 countries, and more than 1.6 million people are sending or receiving messages every week. 
  • RapidPro. RapidPro (https://community.rapidpro.io/) is an open-source platform that UNICEF uses to develop and scale up mobile applications, such as U-Report.
  • Internet of Good Things. The Internet of Good Things is packaged content designed to make information available for free, even on low-end devices. This content is accessible in 18 countries, with plans to expand access within 40 countries by the end of 2015.

Innovation for visually impaired students debuts

The forum also unveiled a flagship product under the Tsinghua-UNICEF partnership – the braille tablet. The tablet was designed to help blind and other visually impaired children read books, access text, audio and visual information, take notes and input their own information.

"This is just the start of a very promising partnership for the years to come," said Lu Xiaobo, Dean of Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts and Design, which will host the Tsinghua-UNICEF Innovation Lab. "Through engaging and stimulating the brightest young talents in China, we are positive that more public goods will be created to meet the needs of the most marginalized children."

"Innovation can be a game-changer for how we deliver results for children," added Sharad Sapra, Director of UNICEF Global Innovation Centre. "We always marvel at how China has been transformed by adding innovation to its portfolio. By partnering with Tsinghua University, a champion for innovation in China, we hope to leverage new ideas, research and approaches to meeting the needs and rights of children, not only in China but also in the other parts of the world."

"And we count on you young people who harbour ideas and passion to join us along the journey," Dr Sapra emphasized.

About Tsinghua University: Advancing a tradition of academic excellence, Tsinghua University is a pacesetter for innovation in China. It has become a leading world university in just over 100 years.

Tsinghua University excels in its fundamental task of high-level personnel training, and also serves as an indispensable base for China’s scientific and technological innovation. It is among the most selective universities in the Asia-Pacific region, and a trusted global partner for researchers and academics.

About UNICEF: UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do.  Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.  For more information about UNICEF and its work visit: www.unicef.org 

Visit UNICEF China website: www.unicef.cn

Follow us: Sina Weibo http://weibo.com/unicefchina Tecent Weibo http://t.qq.com/unicef

Wechat: unicefchina

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20151019/0861509842

Avnet Opens Registration in Asia for Introduction to Vivado SpeedWay Design Workshop Series

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – Oct 30, 2015
Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), a leading
global technology distributor, today announced that registration is now open in
Asia for a series of SpeedWay Design Workshops™ featuring Avnet’s newly
released ARTY Xilinx® Artix®-7 35T FPGA Evaluation Kit.

Technical experts from Avnet will lead the full-day
"Introduction to Vivado® Design Suite" SpeedWay Design Workshops, providing
attendees with hands-on product experience that will help them accelerate
designs with Xilinx hardware description language (HDL). Utilizing Xilinx®
Artix-7™ hardware, attendees will be introduced to techniques for entering,
building and debugging designs in Verilog or very high speed integrated circuit
HDL (VHDL). Attendees will also learn best practices in board planning, design
creation, IP integration, design implementation and closure techniques,
programming and hardware debug using the Xilinx UltraFast™ Design Methodology.

"Avnet’s SpeedWay Workshops are practical, hands-on trainings
for designers who want to quickly learn a technology or skill," said Roy Luk,
Marketing Director for Xilinx, Avnet Electronics Marketing Asia. "Our new ‘Introduction
to Vivado® Design Suite’ course helps attendees to learn the key elements of
the Xilinx Vivado tools and apply the Xilinx UltraFast Design Methodology
through the lab exercise targeting the new ARTY Evaluation Kit".

The SpeedWay workshops will be held in 35 cities throughout
North America, EMEA and Asia. The SpeedWay workshops in Asia will be held in 16
cities across China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan from November 2015 to late
January 2016. There will be a US$49 fee for attendance, and participants will be
required to purchase the Xilinx® Artix®-7 35T FPGA Evaluation Kit.

For more information, or to register for these SpeedWay Design
Workshops, please click

Company Logo

About Avnet
From components to cloud and design to disposal, Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT)
accelerates the success of customers who build, sell and use technology
globally by providing them with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative
products, services and solutions. Avnet is a Fortune 500 company with revenues
of $27.9 billion for the fiscal year 2015. For more information, visit www.avnet.com


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American Express Global Business Travel Expands Leadership Team In China

— Appoints Marco Pellizzer As Vice President, Mainland China and Hong Kong and Daniel Yang as General Manager Of CITS American Express Global Business Travel —

HONG KONG, Oct. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — American Express Global Business Travel ("GBT") today announced the promotion of Marco Pellizzer to the newly created role of Vice President, Mainland China and Hong Kong, and the appointment of Daniel Hui-Feng Yang as General Manager of CITS American Express Global Business Travel.

This will see Mr. Pellizzer expand his remit beyond his current responsibility for leading CITS American Express Business Travel, the joint venture in China between American Express Global Business Travel and China International Travel Service (CITS), to also assume responsibility for American Express Global Business Travel in Hong Kong. Based in Hong Kong, Mr. Pellizzer will oversee all American Express Global Business Travel activities in Greater China (China Mainland and Hong Kong) including the management of client activities, sales and business development, local product development and marketing.

"As more multinational companies establish a presence in China, and local Chinese companies seek to expand internationally, the demand for business travel in China is rapidly rising. Marco’s efforts in advancing the corporate travel industry in China over the past few years have been recognized by the Government, our clients and the industry at large. I’m delighted to have someone with his experience and dedication at the helm of our business in China and Hong Kong," said David Reimer, Managing Director, American Express Global Business Travel, Asia Pacific.

Mr. Yang has recently been appointed as Mr. Pellizzer’s successor in the role of General Manager of CITS American Express Global Business Travel. In this role, Mr. Yang is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization in China, and overseeing the execution of this strategy.  He will also become a member of the CITS American Express Global Business Travel Board of Directors. Mr. Yang will be based in Shanghai.

With over twenty year’s experience, Mr. Yang has held a number of senior roles in the travel industry in China. Mr. Yang began his career at FASCO where he was in charge of the ground handling department. He then went on to hold the position of General Manager for Virgin Atlantic Airways in China where he was responsible for all aspects of the airline’s operations in China, including sales, marketing, airport operations, human resources, finance and reservations. Mr. Yang then joined GTA in 2009 to be the General Manager of China and Hong Kong, after the integration of Kuoni and GTA. In 2012 he was appointed to the position of Head of FIT (Fully Independent Travel) Sales North Asia.

"Daniel’s in-depth understanding of corporate and leisure travel operations, his knowledge of the local Chinese market, and his extensive commercial and managerial experience will add immense value to CITS American Express Global Business Travel, and make him the ideal candidate to lead our organization in our next phase of development and expansion," said Mr. Reimer.  

About CITS American Express Business Travel

Established by American Express and China International Travel Service (CITS) in 2002, CITS American Express Business Travel was the first Sino-US business travel joint venture in the People’s Republic of China.  With offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the joint venture provides a wide range of business travel management services to optimize business travel investments for multi-national corporations and regional, and domestic companies throughout the People’s Republic of China. Learn more at www.citsamericanexpress.com.

To access the CITS American Express Business Travel WeChat account, scan the following QR code from a compatible mobile phone:

CITS American Express Business Travel QR code

CITS American Express Business Travel QR code

About American Express Global Business Travel

American Express Global Business Travel enables corporations and empowers business travelers with insights, connections and exceptional customer service on a global scale. Through technology and information, American Express Global Business Travel provides leading travel solutions, integrated consulting services, proprietary research, and end-to-end meetings and events capabilities. These innovative offerings enable clients to optimize the return on their travel and meetings investments.

American Express Global Business Travel has operations and network partners in nearly 140 countries worldwide with approximately 12,000 employees. American Express Global Business Travel ranked first among corporate travel providers in the 2014 Corporate Travel 100 ("CT100″), an annual listing compiled by Business Travel News which ranks companies with the largest volume of U.S. air bookings. Learn more about how American Express Global Business Travel connects the world at www.amexglobalbusinesstravel.com and twitter.com/amexgbt.

American Express Global Business Travel ("GBT") is a joint venture that is not wholly-owned by American Express Company or any of its subsidiaries ("American Express"). "American Express Global Business Travel", "American Express" and the American Express logo are trademarks of American Express, and are used under limited license.

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Joy City Property Wins Two Honours in ICSC China Shopping Centre Awards Again

HONG KONG, Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Joy City Property Limited ("Joy City Property" or the "Company", HKEx Code: 0207) is pleased to announce that it has once again scooped two honours in the ICSC China Shopping Centre Awards at the 2015 RECon Asia-Pacific. Yantai Joy City’s new media marketing campaign, "New Year Red Packets" has won a gold award in the Emerging Digital Technology category, whereas Tianjin Joy City’s O2O marketing initiative, "Liangshiju" has carried off a silver award in the New Retail Concepts category.

It is noteworthy that Yantai Joy City not only pioneered the combination of WeChat Red Packets and payment methods through the "New Year Red Packets", but also achieved mutual benefits for itself, its tenants and customers with the innovative marketing campaign.

Tianjin Joy City’s "Liangshiju" is China’s first O2O customer loyalty platform to adapt to the Internet. Consisting of its online and offline stores, the O2O customer loyalty platform encourages purchases on mobile applications and effectively guides the customers to the Company’s stores with gift redemption and induce them to become its members. The initiative has increased the membership significantly and at the same time boosted sales with accumulation and redemption of bonus points earned through purchases. The O2O initiative has enabled the Company to surpass geographical limitations and revolutionise the conventional service of traditional customer membership centres.

About Joy City Property Limited

Joy City Property is a commercial property listing company under the COFCO Corporation, business of which covering commercial property, residential property, hotel, tourism property and regional comprehensive development. With the enterprise commission of "providing premium landscaping living environment and high quality service, leading a modern and fashion life style, and gradually became a brand property leader with sustainable development capability in China", the Company successfully built an urban complex under the brand of Joy City with the principle concept of "juvenility, fashion, modern and taste", and developed various products, including the top-level scenery series integrated with excellent natural resources and buildings, international living community series gathering international life styles and Chinese spirit, urban boutique resident series facing to city elites, top-level high-end hotels with international influence, such as MGM Grand Sanya, Regis Sanya, Waldorf Astoria Beijing, Beijing W Hotel, and the National Tourist Holiday Resort in Yalong gulf, Sanya with the reputation of "Oriental Hawaii", which formed a gorgeous property territory with rich formats, perfected product categories and balanced capital structure.

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L.E.K. Consulting Publishes the First Guidebook Dedicated for China Outbound Investment in the Biopharmaceutical/Biotech/Healthcare Sectors

SHANGHAI, Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — L.E.K. Consulting, a global management consulting firm, recently published a guidebook dedicated for China outbound investment in the biopharmaceutical/biotech/healthcare sectors: From China to the World: An Investment and Market Access Guide for Chinese Biopharmaceutical Companies. Entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, this guidebook, a culmination of work by L.E.K. Consulting, with legal advice from Clifford Chance, is intended to provide Chinese business leaders in the sectors with concise information on the issues and opportunities regarding outbound investment and partnerships for direct investment abroad, or to bring technology back home.

The guidebook consolidates the latest thinking and first-hand experience from industry thought leaders, practitioners and L.E.K. global experts. It provides insights into current state of Chinese biopharma outbound investment activities and lessons learned from case studies. A thorough review of investment environment, opportunities and challenges of 9 major countries, and a list of useful tools and "how-to" approach for planning, execution and post-deal integration. The book also highlights the common risks in going overseas, and it provides practical advice so that business leaders can be more confident in making investment decisions and ultimately successful on the path toward internationalization.

In order to support the "going overseas" strategy of Shanghai enterprises and to promote the sustainable development of outbound investment and international cooperation, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce engaged professional service firms to compile outbound investment guidebooks focusing on four hot industries of outbound investment. These book aims to provide directional information and reference for Shanghai enterprises’ decision-making. Along with the biotechnology developments driven by the trend of aging population around the globe, the growing demand within China’s domestic market, and the accelerating pace of China’s outbound investment. The biopharmaceutical sector is increasingly becoming a focused industry for Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment activities.

"This guidebook compiles informative content and insightful views of numerous market experts and business leaders," said Justin Wang, an editor of the guidebook and managing director at L.E.K. Consulting. "It includes not only an introductory overview of various overseas markets but also discusses many strategic issues and provides practical suggestions. We hope that this book will be a useful resource and help Chinese enterprises’ decision-makers propel their business forward and succeed in the ‘going overseas’ journey!"

The full guidebook is available in Chinese only and can be downloaded by clicking [HERE].  If you are interested in more cdetails, please ontact Anita Chen at +86 21 6122 3918 or [email protected].

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Follow L.E.K. China on WeChat

About Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance is one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms, with significant depth and range of resources across five continents. The firm counsels a broad range of clients, including corporates from all the commercial and industrial sectors, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organizations. Clifford chance seeks to provide clients with the highest-quality advice and legal insight, which combines the firm’s global standards with in-depth local expertise.

About Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce is a department under Shanghai Municipal Government, responsible "going overseas" support for Shanghai enterprises. In 2014, via the approach of public procurement of professional service, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce aims to enhance the public-service system construction for "going overseas" support, leverage the strengths of professional service agencies, provide professional and effective support to ‘going overseas’ enterprises, promote the long-term development of the city’s outbound investment and cooperation, bring the ‘going overseas’ support to a higher level and broader territory.

About L.E.K. Consulting

L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm that uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help business leaders achieve practical results with real impact. We are uncompromising in our approach to helping clients consistently make better decisions, deliver improved business performance and create greater shareholder returns. The firm advises and supports global companies that are leaders in their industries  including the largest private and public sector organizations, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Founded more than 30 years ago, L.E.K. employs more than 1,000 professionals across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. For more information, go to www.lek.com.

L.E.K. Consulting L.E.K. Consulting published From China to the World: An Investment and Market Access Guide for Chinese Biopharmaceutical Companies
L.E.K. Consulting L.E.K. Consulting published From China to the World: An Investment and Market Access Guide for Chinese Biopharmaceutical Companies

Appendix I

Introduction to the International Biopharmaceutical Investment Guide

This reference book is a culmination of work by strategy advisor L.E.K. Consulting and law firm Clifford Chance. It is intended to provide Chinese business leaders with concise information on the issues and opportunities regarding outbound investment and partnerships in the biopharmaceutical/biotech/healthcare sectors for direct investment abroad, or to bring technology back home.

L.E.K. Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm with offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, and the leading commercial advisor to life sciences companies. This book is based on the firm’s extensive global work advising clients on their key strategic issues, and using analytical rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. Furthermore, the book leverages the firm’s experience helping clients implement strategic recommendations and understanding of the rigorous processes and skills necessary to be successful in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

Clifford Chance is one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms, with significant depth and range of resources across five continents. The firm counsels a broad range of clients, including corporates from all the commercial and industrial sectors, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organizations. Clifford Chance seeks to provide clients with the highest-quality advice and legal insight, which combines the firm’s global standards with in-depth local expertise.

In order to capture the latest thinking and trends on Chinese outbound investment, we spoke with our colleagues around the world who deal with these matters on a daily basis. Contributors include CEOs, presidents, law firm partners, financial advisors, and physicians. In addition, we researched published articles by industry leaders and spoke with many of them to capture their perspectives.  Furthermore, we interviewed executives from numerous Chinese pharmaceutical companies, who provided valuable input and contributions. These conversations highlight lessons learned in their business dealings in international markets, from United States to Australia. Finally, L.E.K. Consulting’s internal experts and thought leaders reviewed all the material to ensure the readers would have the most useful and current information.

The book is divided into nine major sections. The first two sections provide insights into the current state of Chinese biopharma companies’ foreign investment, including market activity, opportunities and challenges. It also covers the strategy of international expansion, including lessons from successful pharmaceutical companies and research from L.E.K.’s work with other Chinese healthcare companies. Sections III to VI contain investment and market information for 9 key countries from major regions. In addition to these country primers, we have also included case studies, how-to summaries and lessons learned from industry insiders. These sections are intended to provide more than just facts and figures, but insights that will set you on a trajectory to successful international investment. Finally, Section VII to IX are for Chinese companies looking to take action and are focused on strategic planning, business transactions, and post-merger integration. These "how-to" sections are filled with practical advice and learnings from business executives and professional advisors who have first-hand experience with global expansion. 

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20151029/0861510414-a
Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20151029/0861510414-b

Kai-Fu Lee: BAT And VCs Will Drive More China Merger Deals

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Kai-Fu Lee, founder of US$500 million-under-management early stage venture firm Innovation Works, spoke to our host Nina Xiang. Dr. Lee shared his views on why he is bullish long-term on Chinese start-ups in the O2O (online-to-offline) and P2P (peer-to-peer) lending space, and what is driving mergers between technology rivals. He stopped short though from offering predictions on specific merger deals that might soon happen. Be sure to listen to the full interview …

Legend Capital Joins $20M Series B Round In Noitom

Beijing-based motion capture software firm Noitom Ltd. has completed US$20 million series B round of financing from Legend Capital, Haitong Kaiyuan Investment, Alpha Animation And Culture and other undisclosed investors, according to a company announcement posted on Wechat.

GGV, Tencent Join $235M Series C Round In Wepiao

Beijing-based Weiying Technology Co. Ltd., the operator of movie ticket booking mobile app Wepiao, has completed RMB1.5 billion (US$235 million) series C round of financing led by Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Anci Films & Television Fund, according to a company announcement.