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How Do I Create Data Alerts?


China Money Network has so much data, so we developed Data Alerts to push you the latest data for your needs. Do you want to know the moment a certain company closes its latest funding round? Are you interested in any news containing keywords "fintech Shanghai"? What about receiving only news if a deal reaches a certain monetary threshold?

Create Your Data Alerts
To create your Data Alerts, first visit your Dashboard > Data Alerts. You can then enter keywords using the Boolean operator "AND" to connect multiple keywords. Your Data Alerts are all either sent immediately via email when the data is available, or once a day inside one email — so select either "Daily" or "Immediately".

Digital Subscribers can add up to 30 keyword phrases, while Free Accounts are limited to only 2 keyword phrases. If you downgrade from a Digital Subscription to a Free Account, your alerts will also be deleted.

Delete or Stop Data Alert Emails
When you wish to amend a Data Alert, it’s best to delete it and create a new one. If you wish to stop receiving the immediate or daily emails, you should click the "Delete" button next to the particular Data Alert to remove that from your account.