Haier Group Invests $10M In Wine Mobile App 9KaCha

Haier Group has agreed to invest approximately US$10 million in 9KaCha, a Chinese wine information and e-commerce service platform, according to Chinese media reports.

"9Kacha will assist Haier’s smart wine cabinet in identifying nearly one hundred million data, accurately acquiring users’ requirements and creating the best user experience," Shao Zhaoyang, co-founder of 9KaCha said during a press conference.

Founded in 2012, 9KaCha raised RMB3 million in an angel round from Eagles Fund in 2013 and RMB10 million series A round from Balintimes Media and other unnamed investors in September 2015.

9KaCha has developed an image recognition technique, a database on imported wine and a search engine.

Users can take a picture of any wine label to search and check the product data, record and share the information, make price comparisons and place an order.

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