Top Investors Share Insights On Opportunities and Challenges Investing In Cryptocurrency

The Future Of Cryptocurrency Investment: Bulls vs. Bears, hosted by China Money Network, was successfully held on April 18th at naked Hub, Hong Kong, with three prominent speakers discussing investment opportunities and challenges investing in cryptocurrency.


Top crypto experts from Octagon Strategy Ltd., Amber AI and CYBEX gathered with premium cyrptocurrency investors and finance industry executives for an informative panel discussion on the present and future of investing in cyptocurrencies.

The investors said that 2017 was a remarkable year for the emerging asset class, and this year will still likely be strong with new opportunities for investors and blockchain projects. The industry will continue to make progress in terms of tech applications, dApps, institutional adoption and better regulation.

If you want to listen to the recording for the event, please click below:


The panel discussion is moderated by Nina Xiang, co-founder of China Money Network

Octagon Strategy’s head trader Ryan Rabaglia

Amber AI’s founder Michael Wu

CYBEX’s chief investment officer Jianbo Wang

China Money Network’s managing editor Nina Xiang

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Five Questions For Amber AI’s Michael Wu

Five Questions For CYBEX’s Jianbo Wang

Five Questions For Octagon Strategy Ltd’s Ryan Rabaglia

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