YOYOW-WeCenter Framework Release: Convenient Access to YOYOW Network

    SUZHOU, China, Aug. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The YOYOW-WeCenter Special Edition, customized and developed by YOYOW and based on WeCenter Q&A community framework, has been released on GitHub. WeCenter is an open source program for building knowledge communities. There are many business users and webmasters building their own knowledge communities by using WeCenter. It uses a Q&A format that is searchable, categorizable and organizable to help organizations like businesses, schools and government agencies to build their own knowledge database. WeCenter distributes content by accessing Wechat public platforms and mobile applications.

    The upgraded version of YOYOW-WeCenter was funded by the YOYOW team and developed by both YOYOW and WeCenter teams. Compared to the WeCenter Commercial Edition's minimum annual authorization fee of RMB 20,000, this edition is completely free and open source. It also introduces an incentive system. After a period of time of exploration and optimization, a mature incentive model from Biask.com is brought in, minimizing the cost of trial and error and the time cost for platform projects. Most importantly, it integrates YOYOW's features, making the integration into the YOYOW network easy.

    In the past two months, YOYOW's iterative products have been released more and more quickly. From the release of "Fan Xing" version which characterizes the new feature of releasing tokens with one-click on July 2nd to the upgrade of the new features of the middleware in mid-July and the release of YOYOW-WeCenter framework in early August, YOYOW has been making its product ecosystem better and more complete at a rapid pace.

    So how do you understand the series of product iterations conducted by the YOYOW team? What are the specific benefits of the implementation of these product features for the progress of the YOYOW project?

    The Product Concepts of YOYOW

    YOYOW was designed to build a fairer and more rational content-oriented value distribution mechanism. It is a public blockchain for content areas which is quite rare in China.

    With the rise of social media, Facebook, Twitter and other content sharing platforms have been getting massive traffic every year, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in profits. But in these platforms, the members who have contributed to the community do not really have the control power and usufruct of their own content. What YOYOW is working with effort on is to redistribute the content-oriented value.

    YOYOW does not intend to build a community which directly serves the content producers since it is still a centralized way of thinking in nature because the platforms have complete control over the benefits of the content producers.

    Through the blockchain technology, the users can control their own private keys and log in to different applications and websites by the way of cross-sites login first developed by YOYOW. Any content platforms, once accessing the YOYOW network, regardless of their themes presented in the format of text, video, image, audio or live broadcast, etc., can receive the corresponding rewards.

    Moreover, through the blockchain technology, the content itself or the hash value of the content can be permanently stored. If suitable storage scheme is used, the content will never even be lost. Due to such characteristics, the authentication, confirmation and traceability of copyright can also be realized.

    Such an ecological approach enables YOYOW to avoid directly competing with the existing large content platforms and it is also beneficial for supporting small to medium-sized content platforms.

    How Does YOYOW Help Content Platforms Grow?

    YOYOW employs a decentralized way of product design so it directly serves the platforms but indirectly serves the users and the content producers. The most important part of improving the YOYOW network is to help and support more and more small to medium-sized platforms grow using YOYOW's technology.

    With the release of YOYOW-WeCenter framework, it has been able to help small teams from building websites to obtaining low-cost financing, from reducing operation costs to stimulating user stickiness. Specifically, it can be divided into the following parts:

    The Feature of Token Release

    In the past, it is difficult for small teams to continually iterate without the support of large amounts of money. The user experience certainly could not match that of the products of such large platforms as Zhihu and Sina Weibo. But now YOYOW provides a whole set of procedures to help small teams realize tokenization in a short time. With the release of the "Fan Xing" version in early July, YOYOW has iteratively upgraded the feature of token release with one-click. 

    If it is a traditional content platform start-up, it needs to spend large amounts of money at the beginning. The money comes from financing or its own funds and the expenditure could be very huge. The platforms which get access to the YOYOW network will provide their users with tokens as incentives. The cost of using the mode of token is very low in itself. Meanwhile, the token mode gives the users a sense of engagement and governance. If the platforms can use this mode well, the value of the tokens held by the users will appreciate, which can bring more sense of participation and the feeling of being the owner for the users.

    The advantages of token can effectively solve the long-standing problem in the UGC domain. At the same time, it will maximize personal value and promote the healthy development of the entire community.

    Networking through YOYOW-WeCenter and Middleware Framework

    With the introduction of YOYOW-WeCenter content platform development framework, the technical threshold for developers has been further lowered. Through the YOYOW-WeCenter Open Source Program, small to medium-sized Q&A platforms from all domains can quickly build the websites and access the YOYOW network. They can receive technical support from the YOYOW officials and enjoy the advantages brought by tokens. YOYOW-WeCenter is one of the most convenient and low-cost content platform building tools and professional content operation tools, not only able to eliminate the copyright risks for original content creators and Internet content platforms, but also able to carry out authorization management and profit distribution in a flexible and efficient manner. For the original content creators and content platforms, it is a very practical solution.

    The middleware, upgraded in mid-July and intended for serving the platforms and developers, is the channel tool for content platforms to enter the YOYOW system. The upgrade and iteration of the middleware will further extend the autonomy of the platforms and developers. The developers can select and set the features for the platforms according to their own needs and accelerate the process of building content platforms, releasing and monetizing the token assets.

    A normal account can be authorized by the users to become a platform developer through upgrading into a platform account. The platforms can release their token assets according to their own needs. The YOYOW platform provides convenience for the circulation and transaction of the set assets and YOYOW will subsequently provide the users with the convenient way of exchanging between IOU and YOYO tokens, sharing the convenient and easy monetization channels.

    YOYOW has solved all the problems which could only be resolved by the centralized giants before since YOYOW uses a monetization channel composed of a front-end framework which is open source, continually iterated by the YOYOW team and authorized to use for free and an account payment system which is general and based on blockchain technology. The webmasters can quickly operate a broad community as long as they can demonstrate operational capabilities and have clear product positioning. The release of the YOYOW-WeCenter framework puts YOYOW's product concepts into the actual scenarios in a more specific manner.

    Open Source Address and Tutorial:

    https://github.com/yoyow-org/yoyow-wecenter (click Read More to jump to the open source address)

    YOYOW Website: https://yoyow.org/

    Telegram (English): https://t.me/HelloYOYOW

    Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/YOYOWChinese

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfoYoyow

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