Sino-Ocean Capital Leads $50M Round In Automotive Aftermarket Service Platform Jybd.Cn

Chinese automotive aftermarket full-industry chain comprehensive service platform announced that it had completed a RMB350 million (US$50 million) series B round of financing this month.

At present, the company has completed three rounds of financing and has received capital from CITIC Investment Capital, Manbang Group, Shenzhen Road and Investment. The last round of financing occurred one year ago in June 2018 when the company announced the completion of a 300 million yuan series A round of financing invested by Manbang Group.

Established in 2017, is a comprehensive service platform for the entire industry chain of the online-to-offline deep integration in the automotive aftermarket sector. It aims at transforming a single linear supply chain for each product into a platform-based industry integrated supply chain, improving store service capabilities and serving many small and medium businesses.

Based on the traditional automotive aftermarket industry, the company serves the entire industry chain through the Internet, and provides services to the four parties involved in its business in matching transactions, channel expansion, customer management, logistics distribution, information exchange, and settlement.

Ruan Chengyu, CEO of, said that “opening up all links in the industrial chain” is the greatest value of its platform to the digital transformation of the atuo aftermarket industry.

In the future, the company will focus on areas such as shared warehouse allocation based on industry integration, mergers and acquisitions, financial empowerment of the supply chain, upgrading of information systems, and talent innovation.