China Tech Outlook 2020: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, And Ambiguous

The year 2020 is destined to be a special year — a year that has a ritual meaning marking the beginning of another decade. 2020 is the new decade of Mobile Internet, the 20th anniversary of the entry of the Internet into China, the real first year of the commercialization of 5G. So, what will happen to the Internet in 2020?

Here are my predictions:

1.5G is still just aspirational thought for the Internet industry. 5G Won’t make much of a difference to the mobile Internet, and it’s still just the beginning of its transformational powers.

2. AI Becomes a necessity for the technology industry. Companies and users can feel the technical value of AI. AI will be everywhere, and many AI companies will go public.

3. Alibaba and Tencent will launch a new subsidy war with one and the only goal: Facial scan payment.

4. After the ups and downs of 2019, blockchain startups will be bifurcated in 2020, with one continuing to push fraud under the name of blockchain and the other pushing the blockchain technology’s real commercialization.

5. AI Chips means devices with on-the-edge machine learning capabilities are truly smart devices.

6. Internet products will be more targeted at young people, and more social APPS for young people will appear in the market, including more social apps from Tencent.

7. Tencent industrial Internet strategy will form a "Wechat + Tencent cloud" twin engine ecosystem. Enterprise wechat will strive to catch up with Alibaba’s Ding Ding, with annual revenue of 10 billion RMB, Tencent Cloud’s gap with Alibaba Cloud will be further narrowed.

9. Alibaba Cloud is no longer a cloud computing platform, but the bearer of Alibaba’s "digital intelligence" strategy. It will become the enterprise digital and intelligent transformation infrastructure. More and more enterprises will set up "Digital Intelligence Department" , digital intelligence will become the first priority of enterprises.

10. The year 2020 is the year of China entering into moderate affluence. As consumption has been upgraded, new consumption has become the new trend of consumption: not only better, more and more individualistic, but also creating new supply, new demand and new experiences, and forming more new markets from scratch.

*This article is edited and translated from this original post.

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