China Tech Digest: TikTok Europe Reaches 100 Million Active Users

TikTok European monthly active users exceed 100 million

Rich Waterworth, the general manager of TikTok Europe, recently issued an open letter reviewing TikTok’s past year. It stated in the letter that TikTok has developed rapidly in the past year, with more than 100 million monthly active users in Europe, and the content on the platform has also been comprehensive.

He said: "This really surprises me. In my opinion, TikTok has successfully integrated into the popular culture of London and the entire UK in 2020."

Alibaba, SAIC and others invested in smart car project

Tianyancha App shows that on December 25, Zhiji Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of RMB10 billion yuan. The business scope includes automotive technology, network technology, information technology, computer technology, and electronic technology.

The largest shareholder is Shanghai Yuanjie Intelligent Technology Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership), which holds 72% of the shares. The latter is a subsidiary of SAIC Motor; Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. holds 18%, the second Major shareholder.

BOE reportedly completed the first shipment of iPhone OLED last week

According to industry news, BOE completed the first shipment of Apple’s iPhone OLED last week for the current best-selling iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.

Ministry of Commerce: new foreign investment guideline revisions have four highlights

Relevant persons in charge of the Ministry of Commerce responded to reporters’ questions on the "Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2020 Edition)" and said that this revision has four main highlights.

First, it further increases the number of items encouraging foreign investment and expand the scope of encouragement. The second is to further encourage foreign investment in advanced manufacturing to enhance the resilience of important industrial chains and supply chains.

The third is to further encourage foreign investment in modern service industries and improve the quality of service industry development. The fourth is to further encourage foreign investment in advantageous industries in the central and western regions to promote coordinated regional development.

The number of Chinese Internet users reaches 940 million, and nearly 223 million are students

A report recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center shows that as of June this year, the number of Internet users in China has reached 940 million, of which Internet users under 19 account for 18.3%, and 172 million people. In terms of occupation, students accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 23.7%. In other words, nearly 223 million Internet users are still in school.

Tencent Cloud and Bank of Guizhou completed the first full-scale cloud business practice of domestic banks

According to Tencent Cloud’s official WeChat account, recently, Tencent Cloud and Bank of Guizhou completed the first full-scale cloud service for domestic banks. On November 16, the new generation information system of Bank of Guizhou based on the private cloud distributed architecture was successfully put into production, and Tencent Cloud provided cloud computing technology support.

Alibaba to increase the total share repurchase program to US$10 billion

Alibaba announced in the morning that the board of directors of Alibaba Group Holdings Co., Ltd. has authorized to increase the total amount of the company’s share repurchase program from US$6 billion to US$10 billion. The validity period of the share repurchase plan is two years (until the end of 2022). The company has started to implement the share repurchase plan this quarter.

Alibaba Dharma Academy released the top ten technology trends of 2021

On December 28, Alibaba Dharma Academy released the top ten technological trends of 2021, and made predictions on the development direction of materials science, quantum computing, AI, biomedical, industrial Internet and other fields.

It is mentioned that foundations such as AI and brain-computer interface will accelerate the development of the medical industry. For example, AI will shorten the cycle of drug vaccine research and development, and brain-computer interfaces will provide precise rehabilitation services for patients who cannot speak or move.

WeChat and Alipay will undergo transformation for the elderly

In order to focus on solving the difficulties encountered by special groups such as the elderly and the disabled in using intelligent technologies such as the Internet, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently issued a plan to address the issue.

The plan calls for a one-year special campaign to transform Internet applications for the elderly and disabled nationwide. The first batch of apps suitable include 43 apps including Weibo, WeChat, and Taobao.

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