China Tech Digest: Didi Joins Hands With Volvo To Make Self-driving Test Vehicles; Tesla China Data Center Will Be Completed In Q2

Didi Autonomous Driving and Volvo reach strategic cooperation

Today, Volvo Cars and Didi Chuxing’s autonomous driving company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on autonomous vehicles for DiDi’s self-driving test fleet. Volvo Cars will provide DiDi with XC90 cars equipped with necessary backup systems for functions such as steering and braking, and collaborate with DiDi Autonomous Driving to integrate the additional software and hardware required to make it fully ready for autonomous drive. The XC90 cars will be the first to integrate DiDi Gemini, DiDi Autonomous Driving’s new self-driving hardware platform and are intended to be deployed for ride-hailing in DiDi’s network in the future.

Huawei Select and SERES jointly launch a high-performance electric SUV

Today, at the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2021), Huawei joined hands with the auto brand SERES to launch a new eco-product of Huawei Select-SERES Huawei Select SF5. It is not only the first time that Huawei Select has added a new business category, it also means a new upgrade of Huawei’s smart mobility strategy.

About US$10 billion raised by Meituan will be mainly invested in technological innovation such as unmanned delivery

Chinese group-buying platform Meituan plans to use the raised funds for technological innovation, including the development of automated delivery vehicles, drone delivery and other cutting-edge technologies, as well as general corporate purposes. According to the disclosed document, Meituan sold 187 million shares in a top-up placement method at a price of approximately HK$265-274 per share. The company also raised US$400 million from shareholder Tencent Holdings and issued approximately US$3 billion of zero-coupon convertible bonds.

Baidu will launch a new Apollo self-driving vehicle every month in the second half of the year

The latest progress of Baidu Apollo’s autonomous driving unit was announced at Auto Shanghai 2021. Li Zhenyu, senior vice president of Baidu Inc. and general manager of the intelligent driving business group, said that in the second half of 2021, Baidu Apollo autonomous driving will usher in the peak of mass production, and a new vehicle model will be launched every month.

China has built the world’s largest 5G mobile network

Liu Liehong, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated at a regular policy meeting of the State Council today that China has built the world’s largest information and communication network. At present, the end-to-end user experience rate of China’s fixed broadband and mobile networks has increased by about 7 times compared with five years ago. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that China has initially established the world’s largest 5G mobile network, with 260 million 5G mobile phone terminal connections.

Tencent reached a strategic cooperation with China Pacific Insurance

Tencent Holdings and China Pacific Insurance recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out multi-level technical and business cooperation in financial technology, WeChat ecological scenarios, and healthcare ecological coordination, and jointly promote the digital transformation of China Pacific Insurance’s technology and business.

Tencent Smart Retail and JD Logistics launch Jingteng Yuncang

Recently, JD Logistics and Tencent Smart Retail jointly announced the launch of "Jingteng Yuncang", using Tencent Smart Retail as an online private field, and JD Logistics Cloud Warehouse’s goods and logistics services as the supply chain field. Jingteng Yuncang will integrate the advantages of JD Logistics’ cloud warehouse technology, middle-level logistics capabilities, and supply chain industry standards, as well as the capabilities of Tencent’s global digital touchpoints and smart retail production and research technologies.

Alibaba DAMO Academy releases super-large language model PLUG

Today, Alibaba DAMO Academy released a super-large language model PLUG with a parameter scale of 27 billion, which is currently the world’s largest Chinese plain text pre-training language model. PLUG integrates good language understanding and creative text generation capabilities. It has outstanding performance in the field of long text generation such as novel parody, poetry generation, and intelligent question and answer. Its goal is to greatly improve the performance of Chinese natural language technology through super large models.

Tesla China data center will be completed in the second quarter

Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla Inc., said at the Auto Shanghai 2021 that the Tesla China Data Center in Shanghai will be completed in the second quarter. According to report, in the future, Tesla will carry out vehicle research and development starting from zero in China, and do some product design and functional design based on the research of Chinese consumers, and sell them all over the world.

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