Hellas House Celebrates 3rd Anniversary; Unveils “6+365” Year-Round CIIE Trading Hub Designation

    Shanghai Release: May 15, 2021

    Hellas House, a landmark Greek culture and lifestyle center in Shanghai,
    celebrated its 3rd anniversary, and unveiled its designation as an official year-
    round ”6+365” China International Import Expo Trading Service Platform.
    Attending the gala event in Hellas House’s Eros Garden were senior Changning
    District government officials, Greece’s Consul-General in Shanghai, other
    members of the international diplomatic community, leading International and
    domestic CEOs, VIP clients, and strategic partners and friends of Hellas House
    and the Hellas Group.

    The event, which featured speeches by Hellas House and Hellas Group founder
    & CEO Pavlos Kontomichalos, Hellas Group President Sophia Kontomichalos,
    and Greek Consul-General Vasileios Koniakos, also included musical
    performances, singing and poetry recitals in Greek by Chinese staff of Hellas
    House and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) students, and an art
    exhibit highlighting similarities between Ancient Chinese Oracle Bone Script and
    Ancient Greek Linear B characters.

    In addition to the unveiling of its “3+365” CIIE designation plaque, the event
    showcased Hellas House and the Hellas Group of companies’ collective goal to
    promulgate a healthy and happy lifestyle that adheres to four key elements first
    proposed by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine: Mind, Body,
    Environment, and Nutrition. Embodying these elements were experiential display
    stations of quintessentially Greek core products and services offered by the
    Hellas Group’s companies, encapsulated by the acronym “EBIT”: E (Eat) – food,
    olive oil, wines – B (Beautify) – natural skin care products – I (Improve) ideals,
    culture, philosophy, history, mythology, cross-cultural sporting activities -, and T
    (Travel) – tourism and hospitality with a purpose. The event featured brands and
    products of the Hellas Group, comprised of Hellas House, MyOdyssey Travel,
    EroSantorini and Eros Cyprus, Agave, Elaion, Tselepos Winery, Amphora,
    Korres, Milos Restaurant, H Kitchen, and HOW.

    Prior to the unveiling of Hellas House’s prestigious “3+365” CIIE designation
    plaque, speeches were given by Hellas House and Hellas Group founder & CEO
    Pavlos Kontomichalos and President Sophia Kontomichalos, who expressed
    their gratitude to Greek and Chinese government officials, strategic and business
    partners, VIP clients, friends of numerous nationalities, whose support and belief
    in the vision and values of Hellas House and the Hellas Group since their
    inception have been crucial to the success of this three-year journey.

    Also addressing the assembled guests was Greek Consul-General Vasileios
    Koniakos, who praised Hellas House for its impressive contributions to furthering
    and deepening friendship, understanding, and mutually beneficial cultural and
    economic ties between Greece and China, and the world, poignantly stating that,
    despite the burdens of the pandemic, his homesickness has been mitigated by
    the comforts of home provided by Hellas House, its founders and friends, and its
    embodiment of all that Greece represents.

    Their statements were followed by the ceremonious unveiling by Mr. and Mrs.
    Kontomichalos, Standing Committee Member Yang Yuanfei, and Greek Consul-
    General in Shanghai Vasileios Koniakos, with Changning District Commercial
    Committee Director Chen Ying and Changning District Foreign Affairs Office
    Director Chen Feng looking on, of Hellas House’s “3+365” CIIE Trading Service
    Platform designation plaque, officially establishing Hellas House as a year-round
    flagship exhibition hall for Greek products and services, and its role as a vital
    cross-cultural bridge for Greek and European companies seeking to establish a
    presence in Changning District and China, and for Chinese companies to enter
    the Greek and European markets.

    Since first opening its doors on May 15, 2018, marking its and the Hellas Group
    of companies’ official entry into the Chinese market, Hellas House has served as
    a vital hub and driver for important Greece-China political, economic and cultural
    activities, events, initiatives, and strategic partnerships.

    To date, Hellas House and the Hellas Group’s many highlights include:

     receptions during visits by Greece’s Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and
    Minister of Tourism
     promotional investment conferences
     high-level business and business school forums
     concurrent “365 Days of Greek Destinations” and China-Western Cultural
    Week events
     establishment of “friendship cities” link between Changning District and the
    Greek island of Santorini
     strategic partnership with Juneyao Airlines to establish direct Shanghai-
    Santorini flights
     “Confucius and Socrates” exhibition series showcasing cross-cultural
    wisdom and painting
     facilitating “Qi Baishi” painting and photography exhibits in Athens
    establishment of a Global Leaders’ Club to receive over 1,000 dignitaries
    and enterprise representatives to promote global economic and trade
     visit by Greek Marathon Committee Chairman and five Greek Olympic
    athletes for launch of women’s half-marathon in Changning District
     visit by Changning District Sports Bureau representatives to Greece
     Creation of “H & T” JV between Hellas House and TMTPost, a prominent
    Chinese media and technology platform, to further broaden reach and
    influence among Chinese consumers
     Greek and international jewelry exhibits
     official recognition as a “fashion landmark” for hosting numerous high-
    profile fashion and other brand events and launches by such companies as
    Chanel, Givenchy, Sisley, Natural Beauty, Porsche, Maserati, Mini Cooper,
    and Nike
     hosting and catering of numerous high-end private corporate meetings,
    banquets, weddings, parties, film & TV filmings, and KOL events
     ongoing series of “Elaion Open Kitchen” healthy Greek cuisine cooking
    classes featuring premium Greek products such as olive oil and honey
    available through Hellas Group subsidiary H.O.W. (Honey, Olive Oil, Wine)
     numerous high-end gastronomic Greek food/wine pairing events led by
    Fongyi Walker, China’s first Master of Wine
     strategic partnership with Zrou to provide plant-based alternatives to
    popular Greek dishes

    Hellas House’s new official designation as a year-round “6+365” China
    International Import Expo exhibition hub and venue is but the latest example of
    the success of both Hellas House and the Hellas Group in continuing to identify,
    create, promote and strengthen the important cultural, trade, and economic
    synergies and opportunities between China, Greece, and Europe. Χρόνια πολλά!

    To learn more about Hellas House and the Hellas Group, visit: www.hellasg.com

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