5G Empowering the Media Transformation

    BEIJING, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- This is a news report from Science and Technology Daily:

    On August 30, 2021, the forum of the World 5G Convention themed on 5G Accelerating and Empowering the New Development of Media Convergence was held in Yizhuang, Beijing. This forum is co-sponsored by Science and Technology Daily and China International Publishing Group. Guests from media, academia and industry at home and abroad gathered together to discuss how 5G technology accelerates the new development of media convergence by showing new cases and predicting new trends.

    5G Empowering the Media Transformation
    5G Empowering the Media Transformation

    Du Zhanyuan, president of China International Publishing Group, said 5G technology should be used to improve the ability of international communication, and proposed four suggestions. Firstly, the sharing of 5G technology should be actively promoted to improve the common well-being of mankind. Secondly, the application of multi-scene technology should be accelerated. Thirdly, the mechanisms compatible with the media convergence development should be built. Fourthly, the sci-tech achievements should be fully used to enhance the ability of international communication.

    Li Ping, a member of CPC of Ministry of Science and Technology and president of Science and Technology Daily, stressed that media convergence is essentially an inevitable result of sci-tech development. The mainstream media are expected to deeply integrate traditional media and new media, build a community of media convergence, and provide industry standards for the future development.

    Li Ping said that Science and Technology Daily has been paying close attention to the development of 5G technology, and voicing the Chinese opinions in the global stage. At present, the international opinions on the issues such as virus-tracing and digital security are complicated. In the face of intertwined situations between the known and unknown, the new mainstream media empowered by new technologies are required to maintain a correct stance and a clear mind in international communication. This will become a topic of the times that everyone need to think deeply and actively answer.

    During the keynote speech, guests discussed a series of topics concerning the future scientific research. For example, where will the combination of media and new technology lead the media industry? How does the media play an important role in promoting the implementation of emerging strategic technologies?

    Zheng Bo, the deputy editor-in-chief of Economic Daily, said that in the 5G era, the mainstream media should voice correct public opinion by using new technology and never lose themselves. It is very important to stick to the correct political stance and value orientation for the media. Great efforts in in-depth reporting should be made to reflect different news perspectives and amplify mainstream tone in public communication.

    Gao Jie, chief reporter of Centre of New Media, Xinhua News Agency,  introduced the practice of 5G technology in the field of media convergence,demonstrating the perfect combination of virtual space and the real world by using media content to inspire people's enthusiasm for the public affairs.

    How to make the news intelligent, lower the threshold of live editing, and achieve the fast and efficient production of video content? Zhang Shenyuan, product director of New Media Center of People's Daily, illustrated that over-arching plan must be made well in order to make advanced technology support media convergence through the example of livestreaming editing tools.

    Zhang Shilei, managing director and senior editor of CGTN Digital, said that the impact of 5G and AI on the traditional journalism should not be ignored, and the press should take the initiative to embrace new technologies and accelerate the media convergence.

    As to the promotion of media convergence by 5G, Zhang Baoan, the party committee member and technical director of the Great Wall New Media Group, said that the technical staff and relevant platforms should take the lead in developing media convergence, namely the internal convergence within a journalism institute, the in-depth convergence between the journalism and public affairs, and the internal convergence between the press industries.

    Cui Baoguo, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, focused on the relationship between the media convergence and the development of digital economy. "The development of digital economy can offer the solid technical support and industrial guarantee required by the construction of an all-media communication system. Media convergence can expand the space for developing the digital economy. They promote and complement each other. The leading role of digital economy should be fully played to promote the transformation of traditional media," he said.

    Ding Gangyi, the secretary of party committee of the School of Computer Science, and the leader of the discipline of advanced digital performance, Beijing Institute of Technology, revealed the new changes brought by digital simulation technology through an art performance in the centennial celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China

    Liu Xiaolin, head of Audience Development and Distribution Services, PR Newswire APAC, introduced the multimedia content dissemination under the influence of 5G technology. He believes that video content has occupied most of the users' time in a day and 5G technology is reconstructing the way that people interact with the world.

    Vasily Pushkov, director of the International Cooperation, Sputnik News Agency and Radio, conveyed an international voice that the development of immersive diversified content will be accelerated in the 5G era.

    Guests from the industry also discussed their views on the impact of 5G technology on the development of media convergence. Mr. Gao Peng, senior director of Audio and Video Industry Development of Strategy Department of Huawei, said that the number of online video users in China increased by 126 million in March, 2020, compared with the figure in late 2018, accounting for 94.1 percent of all Internet users. It can be learned that the video market is full of potential.

    Chen Lei, senior marketing director of Qualcomm, believes that 5G has not only changed the media ecosystem, but also speeded up the media convergence. Tu Jiashun, principal scientist of NFV/SDN and technology spokesman of ZTE Corporation, pointed out the difficulties faced by the traditional media and gave a solution of converging the technology and media. Wang Qiong, general manager of E-government and Livelihood Industry of WeCom Team in WeChat Group of Tencent, shared the cases of digital products in the 5G era and her reference for the media development in the future.

    Xu Zhilong, editor-in-chief of Science and Technology Daily, who presided over the forum, shared his views on the relationship between 5G technology and media development. Firstly, 5G has changed the development of media from theory to practice, and more fundamental changes will occur in the future. Secondly, 5G technology has huge development potential. Its current application is only the tip of the iceberg, and there are more areas to be explored. Thirdly, 5G's empowerment to the development of media convergence is both direct and indirect. More attention should be paid to the indirect empowerment. In the future, the issue about how 5G empowers the development of media convergence is not only a very important subject, but also a topic worthy of in-depth discussion.


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