China’s Venture Market Touches New Lows In October

China’s venture capital and private equity markets cooled further in October, with 197 deals and US$2.3 billion in total deal value recorded in the month, reaching a new low in nearly one year, according to data from ChinaVenture.

There were 148 venture deals inked with US$1.6 billion in total deal value, down 24% and 53% month-on-month, respectively.

For private equity transactions, 49 deals and US$733 million in aggregate deal value were registered last month, down 23% and 85% month-on-month, respectively.

Number of Deals and Aggregate Venture Deal Value In October


Number of Deals and Aggregate Private Equity Deal Value In October


(Lines are deal numbers and bars are aggregate deal value)

In terms of fundraising, 31 funds were launched while 46 funds completed final closings with US$6.33 billion in aggregate capital commitments, down from a year ago and from the prior month.

Growth capital funds continue to dominate, with 14 vehicles launched in October with a combined targeted fundraising total of US$2.5 billion. Buyout funds came in next, with eight vehicles launched hoping to raise US$2.39 billion in total.

Number of Private Equity/Venture Funds Raising Capital In October


(Red bars are news funds launching fundraising, yellow bars are funds that have reached closings)

Fundraising Targets of Private Equity/Venture Funds In October


(Red bars are targeted fundraising size, yellow bars are completed fundraising total)