Chinese Automated Driving Firm iMotion Completes $14M Series B Round

iMotion, a Chinese automated driving system solution provider, has raised nearly RMB100 million (US$14.16 million) in a series B1 round financing led by CCB Suzhou Science and Technology Fund.

Suzhou Industrial Park Heyu No.1 Venture Capital, and existing investors Leading Ideal, FutureCap, and Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management also participated in the round.

iMotion, founded in December 2016, is an AI high-tech company providing automated driving system solutions for OEM customers. Currently, it provides L1-L4 level automatic driving system solutions, as well as two product lines including intelligent front-view cameras and automatic driving domain controllers. The company had previously obtained three rounds of financing of nearly RMB100 million.

Song Yang, founder of iMotion, claimed that the intelligent front-view camera integrated with the L2-level automatic driving controller has been mass-produced by a number of OEMs and will begin mass supply to a first-tier car manufacturer this month. Next year, they will begin mass production of higher-level L2+ autonomous driving vehicles.

According to the information provided by iMotion, its intelligent front-view camera uses the AUTOSAR software architecture, and can achieve L2 level automatic driving functions such as ACC Stop&Go, AEB, Full speed LKA, TJA, and IHBC.

iMotion has independently developed the iMo DCU intelligent driving domain controller. The domain controller complies with ASIL D functional safety design, supports multi-sensor data fusion, and can be customized according to customer needs to achieve OTA software upgrades.

As an existing investor, FutureCap’s founding partner Huang Mingming commented that iMotion’s leading autonomous driving domain controller, intelligent front-view camera technology will certainly help them to get a chance in the future development of autonomous driving technology.

Shen Yanan, president of Leading Ideal, said: "iMotion has core algorithms in the fields of multi-sensor data fusion, decision planning, and vehicle dynamic control, as well as capabilities in software and hardware development, vehicle system integration verification and manufacturing. We are optimistic about the future of iMotion."

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