Singapore Exchange Opens New Derivatives Branch In Hong Kong

Singapore Exchange’s derivatives trading arm has opened a branch in Hong Kong, enabling investors here to use its Asian derivative products such as the China A50 futures to manage risk and facilitate trading, according to an announcement.

The expansion will widen the use of Asian derivatives provided by the Singapore exchange. In the 12 months ended June 2014, the China A50 futures saw a volume of over 24 million contracts, up 45% from a year earlier.

Ringo Chiu has been appointed as Singapore Exchange’s chief representative in operating officer with overall responsibility for its back office.

Singapore Exchange’s other derivatives products include futures based on the India Nifty, Nikkei 225 index, MSCI Taiwan and MSCI Indonesia.

The exchange says it also plans to expand its foreign exchange futures in the second half of 2014. If approved by regulators, it plans to introduce currency futures contracts on China’s RMB, Japanese Yen and the Thai baht.

The exchange’s distribution network has grown over the last five years with 15 brokers originating from Greater China joining as its members. Of this number, six are incorporated in Hong Kong.

They are GF Futures, Nanhua Futures, Quam Securities, Sinopac Securities (Asia), Marigold International Securities and Emperor Futures.

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