China Tech Digest: Tencent Unveils Three Self-developed Chips; Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Unit Founder Joins Zeekr

Tencent unveils three self-developed chips

Qiu Yuepeng, vice president of Tencent Holdings and COO of Tencent’s cloud and smart business group, said at the company’s digital ecology conference that Tencent has made great progress in three self-developed chips. They are AI computing chip Zixiao, video processing chip Canghai and high-performance network chip Xuanling. Zixiao chip has been mass produced; the compression rate of Canghai chip has increased significantly; and the performance of intelligent network card chip Xuanling has been greatly improved.

Huawei’s autonomous driving unit founder joins Zeekr

Geely Automobile’s high-end smart electric brand Zeekr officially confirmed that Chen Qi has joined Zeekr and is responsible for the research and development of intelligent driving technology. Earlier, it was reported that Chen Qi, the founder of Huawei’s autonomous driving unit and the former head of Huawei’s autonomous driving R&D department, has joined Zeekr as the vice president of autonomous driving unit.

Tencent Cloud and DCITS co-build future financial architecture

Tencent Cloud and DCITS recently signed an agreement to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership. The two parties stated that the future cooperation for financial technology will be promoted in four directions, including joint financial innovation, expansion of financial and related industry markets based on full-stack cloud cooperation, joint creation of innovative financial network based on ModelB@nk5.0 and distributed cloud architecture, integration of superimposing technology, data and scene resources.

AIWAYS and Alcomotive will jointly develop the Swiss market

Chinese EV maker AIWAYS announced that it has reached a cooperation with auto dealer Alcomotive to jointly develop the Swiss market. Local users can order AIWAYS U5 from online or offline showrooms at the beginning of next year.

China’s total installed capacity may rank first in world this year

The latest data shows that the installed capacity of offshore wind power connected to China’s grid network increased by 1.67 million kilowatts in the third quarter of this year, an increase of 227% year-on-year. As of the end of September, the cumulative installed capacity of offshore wind power in China reached 13.19 million kilowatts, a year-on-year increase of 75.7%. The Global Wind Energy Council predicts that within this year, China’s total installed offshore wind power capacity is likely to surpass that of the United Kingdom, becoming the country with the largest installed offshore wind power capacity in the world.

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