OK Capital Leads Strategic Investment In Chinese Public Chain HPB

OK Capital has invested over twenty thousand ETH, around tens of millions of dollars in High Performance Blockchain (HPB), a platform that combines both software and hardware architecture to support public chains.

Korea’s BlockWater Capital, Supernode Capital, Continue Capital, 8BTC.com and others also participated in the round, according to HPB’s announcement.

HPB was founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Wang Xiaoming, who founded Unipay Smart, a big data financial provider, and Shanghai Zhaoxi Network Technology, a blockchain technology start-up. HPB creates a platform designed to handle millions of transactions per second by combining consist both hardware and software architecture. It targets 1 million transactions per second and 3-second confirmation time.

HPB created blockchain offload engine (BOE), a heterogeneous processing system, including hardware, firmware, and corresponding matching software. To achieve high performance and high concurrency computing acceleration, this heterogeneous processing system combines CPU serial capabilities and parallel processing capabilities of FPGA/ASIC chips. The BOE module is responsible for establishing encrypted communication channels with other nodes through the TOE module.

The proceeds of this round will be used for expanding its technical team and marketing of its public chain projects and decentralized application.

It previously received an angel investment from NEO, a non-profit blockchain community, and Bitcoin wallet Bixin.



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