Chinese Microblog Internet Users Decline 9% In 2013

China’s Internet users reached 618 million at the end of 2013, up 53.6 million compared with a year ago, according to a new report released by the China Internet Network Information Center.

China’s Internet penetration rate stood at 45.8% at year-end in 2013, up 3.7 percentage points compared with 2012.

Mobile Internet users hit 500 million, up 80 million from 2012. About 81% of Internet users access the Internet with mobile devices.

Mobile video sharing, mobile games and mobile online shopping experienced the strongest growth.

About 247 million mobile Internet users watched or downloaded videos, up 83.8% year-on-year. Mobile games claimed 215 million users, growing 54.5% from a year earlier. Mobile online shopping expanded 160.2% to 144 million users.

Users of group buying sites grew 68.9% to 141 million.

The biggest loser in 2013 is microblog service providers, including Sina‘s Weibo. Microblog users declined 28 million, down 9% year-on-year. It is the first time microblog users have experienced a decline.

At the same time, microblogs’ utilization rate also dropped 9.2%. About 37.4% of microblog users who cut back time browsing microblogs turned to other products such as Tencent‘s Weichat app.

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