Number Of Chinese Unicorns Doubles From Last Year

There are 35 Chinese unicorns, or private companies valued at US$1 billion or above, double from last year’s tally, according to the latest unicorn rankings released by Fortune.

Chinese unicorns took up 21% of such highly valued companies, usually backed by venture investors, among the 173 recorded around the world.

Last February, Fortune said there were over 80 unicorns worldwide. This year, the number has more than doubled to 173 with an aggregate valuation of US$585 billion.

Here is a list of the 35 Chinese unicorns:

1, Xiaomi Inc.: US$46 billion

2, Didi Kuaidi: US$16 billion

3, China Internet Plus: US$15 billion

4, Lufax: US$10 billion

5, DJI: US$8 billion

6, Zhong An: US$8 billion

7, Ucar: US$3.6 billion

8, Meizu: US$3.3 billion

9, US$3 billion

10, Sougou: US$3 billion

11, Vancl: US$3 billion

12, Meitu: US$2.4 billion

13, Trendy Group: US$2 billion

14, Mogujie: US$1.7 billion

15, Yidao Yongche: US$1.7 billion

16, Lakala: US$1.6 billion

17, Weipiao: US$1.6 billion

18, US$1.5 billion

19, Koudai Gouwu: US$1.5 billion

20, 58 Daojia: US$1 billion

21, Aiwujiwu: US$1 billion

22, Apus Group: US$1 billion

23, Beibei: US$1 billion

24, China Rapid Finance: US$1 billion

25, US$1 billion

26, US$1 billion

27, Lamabang: US$1 billion

28, US$1 billion

29, Miaopai: US$1 billion

30, Panshi: US$1 billion

31, US$1 billion

32, Shanghai Lian Shang Network Technology: US$1 billion

33, US$1 billion

34, Tutor Group: US$1 billion

35, US$1 billion

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