DealShot: 19 Deals Passing $780 Million Involving Trustbridge Partners, Sequoia And More

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CompanyRoundInvestment CurrencyInvestment Amount (US$)Lead InvestorParticipantsCompany IntroSectorHeadquartersFounding Year
DXYSeries EUSD500,000,000Trustbridge PartnersTencent Holdings, Hillhouse CapitalDXY is a Chinese online healthcare community portal, gathering Chinese physicians and life science professionals.HealthcareHangzhou2007
Shukun TechnologySeries DCNY90,330,000Sequoia Capital ChinaCICC Pucheng Investment Management, China Reinsurance, HG Capital, 5Y Capital, China Creation Ventures, Qiming Venture Partners, Marathon Venture PartnersShukun Technology is a Beijing-based AI healthcare technology company.HealthcareBeijing2017
MusicbeeAngel RoundCNY1,840,000Xiangtou GroupMusicbee is a Chinese music copyright protection service platform based on blockchain technology.Media & EntertainmentChengdu2019
SaofanguangSeries BCNY15,310,000Shenzhen Capital GroupSaofanguang is a Chinese spicy flavor condiment brand.Consumer UpgradeChengdu2000
HtripSeries A+USD25,000,000undisclosedHtrip is a Chinese big data-driven hotel marketing platform.TourismGuangzhou2016
Zhiyue ShufangAngel RoundCNY3,500,000Redpoint Ventures ChinaBE Capital, Puxin EducationZhiyue Shufang is a Chinese reading education platform for teenagers and children.EducationShanghai2019
BroadaPre-IPOCNY30,620,000CCB International, SunyardBroada is a Chinese IT operation and maintenance service provider.Enterprise servicesBeijing2003
Space PioneerSeries A+CNY15,310,000CAS Investment ManagementLandstone CapitalSpace Pioneer is a Chinese aircraft propulsion system and aerospace vehicle supplier.Transportation & SpaceBeijing2019
Dustess.comSeries BUSD20,000,000Hillhouse CapitalVision Plus Capital, Source Code Capital, is a Chinese customer management cloud platform.Enterprise servicesBeijing2016
AliveX BiotechAngel RoundCNY3,062,0005Y CapitalCherubic VenturesAliveX Biotech is a Chinese cellular immune testing and treatment solution provider.HealthcareShanghai2019
Baoyun LiquorPre-ACNY15,310,000Matrix Partners ChinaCICC Capital, Crystal Stream Venture CapitalBaoyun Liquor is a Chinese wine brand operation service provider.Consumer UpgradeTianjin2019
Antiy LabsSeries B+CNY30,620,000China Structural Reform FundAntiy Labs is a Chinese anti-virus engine and solution provider.Enterprise servicesHaerbin2007
QbitPayPre-AUSD2,000,000Shata CapitalParallel VenturesQbitPay is a Chinese cross-border payment service platform.FintechHangzhou2019
LaoqinSeries CCNY7,650,000Yonghua CapitalGiant Network GroupLaoqin, which runs under, is a Chinese labor force time management platform.Enterprise servicesShanghai2014
Zhiliu TechnologyAngel RoundUSD2,000,000Zhen FundZhencheng CapitalZhiliu Technology is a Chinese open source infrastructure software company.Enterprise servicesShenzhen2019
EmwitPre-ACNY3,062,000Hina Group1896 Capital, C&I CapitalEmwit is a Chinese school data infrastructure provider.EducationShenzhen2018
NeuroBotPre-ACNY3,062,000KIPNeuroBot is a Chinese industrial robot sorting system developer.AI & RoboticsBeijing2017
DianzhujiaoAngel RoundCNY3,062,000Zhen FundDianzhujiao is a Chinese high-end electrical appliance brand.Smart HardwareGuangzhou2020
ForeweldSeries BCNY7,650,000Harvest CapitalFlower City VenturesForeweld is a Chinese welding automation equipment and materials developer.Industrial & ManufacturingGuangzhou2009
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