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Grant Horsfield Wants To Get HSBC And Coca-Cola "Naked"

Grant Horsfield, founder of Shanghai-based resort and co-working space operator naked Group, always sees things differently. When others saw dilapidated farm houses in China's countryside, he envisioned seclusive luxury resorts. Now, a year after entering China's co-working space, the South African entrepreneur is convinced that the future of his multi-pronged hospitality and property business lies in fast execution.

Goodwin Gaw: China's Property Market May See 10%-15% Price Drop

In this episode of China Money Podcast, our featured guest is Goodwin Gaw, managing principal and founder of Hong Kong-based private real estate management firm, Gaw Capital Partners, which manages US$7.5 billion. Gaw talked with our host, Nina Xiang, about where in the Chinese property market he sees price corrections this year, why his firm is staying on the sidelines investing in Hong Kong, and his thoughts on Gaw Capital's performance. Read an excerpt below, but be sure to listen to the full interview in audio, or watch an abbreviated video version. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast for free in the iTunes store. Q: Are you concerned about the recent market jitters on the financial health of Chinese property developers? A: In China, you have to go along with the government policy. The government policy now is actually to promote steady growth in the housing sector. Every time when the market goes up too much, the government puts the brakes on. We are in this type of situation where the government is trying to take away excessive liquidity in the market, so that the (housing) prices may correct or slow down. There will be tightening in some of …