Kevin Pollack: A Great Opportunity To Buy Chinese Stocks – Right Now

Listen: "Kevin Pollack: A Great Opportunity To Buy Chinese Stocks – Right Now"

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Kevin Pollack, managing director at Paragon Capital, discusses:

– Short sellers including Carson Block’s attack on Chinese companies listed overseas: Is the trade overdone, Is the trade over?

– Hedge fund big shot John Paulson’s US$500 million loss: Could he have lost less?

– Chinese companies’ stocks under pressure: When is the right time to buy?

– What is next for investors: What due diligence is necessary and how do you do it?

– Yuan reaches historical high: How much will it appreciate this year?

PICC’s big IPO: Will it get done and can it revive the IPO market?

About Kevin Pollack:
Kevin Pollack is a managing director at Paragon Capital, a New York-based investment firm with a focus on Chinese investments. He previously worked as an investment banker and attorney at Bank of America and Sidley Austin. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Wharton and holds J.D. and M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University.




  1. What anti-China media?? Investment shows and analysts seem infatuated with China. Everyone has a stake in seeing China succeed. Sure there is ant-China news on the social side, but for business they are all bulls!!!