Gabriel Yap: Bullish On China’s Venture Capital; Offshore RMB Bond Market Needs Faster Growth

Listen: "Gabriel Yap: Bullish On China’s Venture Capital; Offshore RMB Bond Market Needs Faster Growth"

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Gabriel Yap, executive chairman of GCP Global, discuss:

– Total assets of China’s venture capital industry up 50% last year: Where can investors find attractive returns?

– Shenzhen Stock Exchange to launch an ETF for its growth enterprise board: Other new products to follow?

– KKR to invest in water treatment firm United Environtech: A fantastic deal, or is it?

– China’s Ministry of Finance to issue RMB 20 billion dim sum bonds in Hong Kong: It is the largest to date, but for how long?

– Sixty percent of China’s outbound investment in the mining sector is unsuccessful: How can Chinese companies improve their record?

– China plans to launch its own version of the 401K plans: A good move, but what should it look like?

About Gabriel Yap:
Gabriel Yap is executive chairman of GCP Global, a Singapore-based investment firm, which is an anchor investor in several Chinese IPOs including Sun Art Retail Group. He previously worked at brokerage firms.

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  1. China needs to stop going long on the dollar and it is as simple as that really. All the bulls are just creating hype around hot air right now in China until all the finance mess is wiped clean.

  2. Interesting topics. Keep up the good work. The only problems I have are technical. I listen with headphones and all of the vocals seems be coming from the left channel. It is very disorienting. It happened on the last podcast also. Also, the caller’s voice was very low.