Tanuj Khosla: Bullish On Dim Sum Bonds, Distressed Debt Opportunities In China And India Very Attractive

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Tannuj Khosla, research analyst at Singapore-based 3 Degrees Asset Management, discusses:

– Malaysian government investment arm Khazanah National postpones RMB500 million dim sum bond deal: should investors be concerned?

– How large can the dim sum bond market grow to in the next 12 months?

– Where attractive distressed debt investment opportunities are in Asia?

– Will China’s large income disparity lead to total social chaos?

About Tanuj Khosla:
Tanuj Khosla is a research analyst at Singapore-based 3 Degrees Asset Management. A graduate from Nanyang Technological University, he currently focuses his research on investment opportunities in the Asian fixed income space.

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  1. How are you on the one hand long on the HK IPO market, but on the other hand greatly worried about the veracity of financials and corp governance of PRC firms?

    Sinoforest and Longtop both showed us nothing is permanent.