Heavyweight Investors Back Rival Hong Kong Logistics Startups

Hong Kong is a city with a population of seven million, but with only half a million private cars. So demand for logistics companies to help relocate furniture, not to mention pets, storage or simply move oversized goods across town is high. Thus, two aggressive Hong Kong-based on-demand delivery companies Lalamove and GoGoVan, are attracting investment from some big-name investors, despite questions over whether there is enough room for these newcomers to an already crowded market.

Why Hong Kong’s Government-Led Innovation Drive Is Failing

Entrepreneur Jeff Wang planned to start his company in Hong Kong in 2015, after obtaining a Ph.D. degree in mathematics from a prominent university in the U.K. The data expert wanted to use an analysis method called Topological Data Analysis, his Ph.D research topic, to help enterprises better analysis their data by visualizing it.

58 Suyun Merges With GoGoVan To Create Pan-Asian Logistics Platform

58 Suyun, a freight business unit under Chinese online marketplace 58 Daojia, has entered into a merger agreement with GoGoVan, a Hong Kong-based intra-city logistics online platform in Southeast Asia. It marks the largest merger and acquisition deal between a mainland Chinese start-up and a Hong Kong start-up, says a company announcement without disclosing any financial details. The deal also represents further consolidation in the intra-city logistics sector in China and in Asia. The merger will create one of Asia’s …