Venture-Backed BGI Genomics Completes $250M IPO On Shenzhen ChiNext

Chinese gene sequencing giant BGI Genomics Co., Ltd. today completed an initial public offering on the ChiNext board in Shenzhen, raising around RMB1.7 billion (US$250 million). The successful IPO comes after the company previously failed to list in the U.S. and Hong Kong, as well as an unsuccessful bit to achieve an A-share float via a reverse merger.

Here Are China’s Top 10 AI Companies Challenging US Tech Leadership

Think of China as the world’s factory no more. The Middle Kingdom has been rising in technological sophistication at light speed in recent years, fueled by top-down policy encouragement and venture capital funding. Ten years from now the world’s second biggest economy – though China should already be the world’s biggest economy long before that – could well be the leading power in the next exciting tech frontier: artificial intelligence (AI), projects Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, founder of Sinovation Ventures and …

Alpha Unicorn iCarbonX Eyes 800M WeChat Users To Build Global Precision Health Giant

Since an early age, Wang Jun has been fascinated with the fundamental philosophical question: What is life? The ex-CEO of Chinese genome sequencing giant BGI and founder of China’s highest-valued precision health start-up iCarbonX now aims to help people answer that question for themselves. Wang entered Peking University, China’s top university, at the age of 16 after achieving the highest college entrance exam score in his hometown of Dongtai county, in Jiangsu province. During the early 1990s, he pursued his …

Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups Raised Record Venture Funding In Second Quarter

Though deals to private artificial intelligence (AI) companies (excluding incubator and accelerator rounds) fell 10% during the second quarter to 121 transactions, aggregate funding value reached an all-time high of over US$1 billion, thanks to three mega-rounds including a US$154 million series A round in Shenzhen-based healthcare startup iCarbonX.