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Alpha Unicorn iCarbonX Eyes 800M WeChat Users To Build Global Precision Health Giant

Since an early age, Wang Jun has been fascinated with the fundamental philosophical question: What is life? The ex-CEO of Chinese genome sequencing giant BGI and founder of China's highest-valued precision health start-up iCarbonX now aims to help people answer that question for themselves. Wang entered Peking University, China's top university, at the age of 16 after achieving the highest college entrance exam score in his hometown of Dongtai county, in Jiangsu province. During the early 1990s, he pursued his interest in the fundamentals of intelligent life by studying artificial intelligence. In one experiment, he discovered that computers could actually figure out how a lady beetle maneuvers to catch food, exactly like it does in real life. Watch A Video As iCarbonX's Wang Jun Chats With China Money Network: But working at the dawn of the personalized computer era, it became clear to Wang that computers could not think like a human – at least not yet – with the kind of computer powers and digital data available back then. So Wang, born in 1976, turned his attention to another potential golden key to unlocking the secrets of life: Genomes. In 1999, after having studied artificial intelligence, computer science and …