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Tech Entrepreneurs A Growing Force At China’s Communist Party Meeting

Entrepreneurship has never been more popular in China, or apparently with the Communist Party. After President Xi Jinping encouraged entrepreneurship at the 19th Congress of Communist Party last October, more tech entrepreneurs have been selected as Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) members, the nation’s most powerful political advisory body.

Xiaomi Beats Samsung to Become Top Smartphone Vendor In India

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc. surpassed South Korea’s Samsung Group as the top seller of smartphones in India for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2017. During the period, Xiaomi shipped close to 8.2 million units in India, up 170% year-on-year, while Samsung shipped just over 7.3 million units, up 17% year-on-year. Samsung had been the top seller in India for six years. Together, the two companies command more than 50% of the smartphone market in the country, with …

Turing Robot Serves as the Voice Assistance of Lenovo’s New Concept Intelligent Home Device "Smart Cast+"

SHANGHAI, July 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Tech World Event of Lenovo was held in Shanghai on July 20th, 2017. AI played the biggest role this year. Turing Robot serves as the voice assistant of Lenovo’s latest Concept home device Smart Cast+ which was quite remarkable at the event.

In recent years, intelligent home devices are seeing more and more adoptionsMajor companies are producing these products, such as Amazon‘s Echo and Google‘s Google Home. In mid 2017, Apple also published its home device with Siri inside called Home Pod. Compared to the extreme competition overseas, the home devices industry in China seems a little bit quiet. Xiaomi, JD, Baidu and Alibaba all have sold similar products.

For the home device industry in and outside of China, the one difficulty they all face is the immature intelligent home furnishing ecosystem. To stay competitive in the market, voice interface is the key, as it weighs the most in the experience and intelligence level of a home device. Take Echo for example, in 2014, when Echo made its first appearance, its relatively poor function didn’t get Amazon much applause. But then things changed when Alexa joined the game.

Early this year, Lenovo released a home device that looked a lot like Echo, which had both an English and Chinese version. Its English version used Alexa as Echo did, and the Chinese version was provided by Lenovo Academy. But this time with Smart Cast+, not only its appearance is more creative, but also its Chinese voice assistant was provided by Turing Robot.

Turing Robot has abundant data resources in the areas of voice assistant. Early in 2012, Turing Robot launched an app called Wormhole, a voice assistant app, announced its stepping into the war of voice assistant. Recently, Turing Robot‘s open platform has over 600,000 enterprises and developers, which made Turing Robot the world’s biggest open platform for a chat bot. The large data storage that Turing Robot possesses guarantees Smart Cast+’s experience at its voice interface level.

Having Turing Robot as its voice assistant, Smart Cast’s users can "wake up" SmartCast+ by saying "Hello, Lenovo" and find songs and movies using their voices. Users can also search for information such as weather forecast, stories, encyclopedias, FAQ and so on. Turing Robot not only plays the role of voice assistant, but works more like an operating system.

SmartCast+ is a smart speaker with projection, plus the function of object recognition and AR interaction. This means users can not only talk to it, but also touch the screen projected on the desk, just like the way you interact with a tablet.

Presently, SmartCast+ is no more than a concept product, its release is still pending. Can Lenovo and Turing Robot can copy the success of Amazon and Alexa? Let’s wait and see.

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ONEdigitals Expands Online Offers of Internet of Things Products

Hong Kong, China, July 20, 2017 / – ONEdigitals, a Lenovo Authorized Reseller well established in the online retail of mobile devices, has recently expanded its range of Internet of Things (IoT) innovative products available to its global consumer base. Online shoppers can now buy the latest IoT Gadgets from with ease. For the… Read More

"Take Over America" goes Viral in China

SHENZHEN, China, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

A marketing agency in Shenzhen has given the world a glimpse of what the world could look like if China took over by creating U.S. currency featuring faces of Chinese emperors.

The $100 Bill Features Emperor Qin Shihuang
The $100 Bill Features Emperor Qin Shihuang

ITTIZ and Global from Asia sent red envelopes containing the bills to 500 of the biggest companies in Shenzhen, including Lenovo, ZTE, MEIZU, Huawei, Haier, OPPO, DJI, and others. All of the bills are actual U.S. currency notes, ranging in value from $1 to $100, with a removable sticker of a Chinese emperor covering the respective U.S. icon’s image.

A few companies responded for requests to comment after receiving the envelopes.

  • "It really puts into perspective the current state of global affairs and how the world is so quickly changing." Q. Shah, CEO, ATOM.
  • "Received the envelope and instantly thought that this will probably offend some people overseas, however we mainly see the comedic aspect of it."  Enzo Wang, CEO, Jinzhouheng Electronics.
  • "Pretty excited to receive the red envelope. Who doesn’t love lucky money?! Initial thought was confusion as I thought it was fake, but extra happy when I found out the sticker was peelable and money was real. Not your normal campaign. Ballsy." Ibby Azzam, CEO, Mazai Sourcing.

The timing for sending out the red envelopes coincides with the Fourth of July, American Independence Day, which was chosen for maximum impact.

ITTIZ came up with the idea for the campaign a few months ago when considering the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. Sean Davis, CEO of ITTIZ, said that with the current state of globalization and the general interconnectedness of countries, the likelihood of China’s rise is as probable as ever and pulling back isn’t a reasonable option. This is ITTIZ’s second campaign; the first one was in April last year and impacted around 15 million people.

Real US Currency with Chinese Emperor Stickers
Real US Currency with Chinese Emperor Stickers

The company wanted to create something that taught companies in Shenzhen the value of thinking creatively, and so the currency, political, competitive and comedic aspect of this campaign became appealing.

Along with support from Mike Michelini, CEO of Global from Asia, the campaign to send the U.S. currency to Chinese companies began. Each note is customized and titled, "Are you ready to take over America?"

ITTIZ believes this was a creative way to share the importance of marketing with Chinese companies by tying it in directly with currency, revenues, and overseas competition. The campaign is expected to reach a wide audience spanning various industries. Thus far, there has been a range of reaction, with the majority finding the campaign humorous.

"The campaign sparked the imagination of all those involved," said Sean Davis. Davis expects this campaign will attract more attention to his company and showcase what ITTIZ can do for clients.

"We found the red envelopes to be quite humorous" Leo Chen, CEO, JUISIR.

Mike Michelini, who has been in China for over 10 years, was surprised by the reception the campaign received. "We did not anticipate the campaign would spread this quickly."

Both Davis and Michelini are supporters of Shenzhen and have lived in the dynamic city for over a decade.

"One of the other reasons we ran this campaign was to showcase the creative abilities currently available in Shenzhen. A lot of the time there is a large focus on hardware, while the creatives are left out in the cold. We wanted to show that Shenzhen is not only a place for hardware innovation, but for innovation on all fronts, such as, in our case, marketing, branding, and design," said Davis.

"We see Shenzhen being a technology hub for the 21st century. We feel that creative ideas will only accelerate this movement. The future is coming at us quickly, everything in today’s economy is up for grabs, and Shenzhen is ready to grab hold and take it!"

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