Tom Delatour: Long on Real Estate Investment in China’s Tier II Cities

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Tom Delatour, CEO and co-founder of Beijing-based Century Bridge Capital, discusses the opportunities in investing in China’s residential real estate in its second-tier cities. Listen to the full interview in the audio podcast, watch an abbreviated video version, or read an interview excerpt. Q: First give us a brief introduction of Central Bridge Capital? A: We are Beijing-based and focus on investing in China’s tier two cities with regional developers to build …

Nick Cao: Make A Killing In Retail Properties In China’s Tier-Two Cities

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Nick Cao, China head of investment and capital transaction at Knight Frank, discusses China’s commercial property sector, which has gone through an explosive growth phase after early 2010, when home buyer restriction policies dragged down the residential property market. Q: Since the government launched home buyer restrictions, the commercial property sector has been going rapidly. Some are concerned about a bubble. Are you? A: It depends. I would say China’s commercial property …

Greater China Retail Sector To Continue To Outperform In 2013

According to the latest Greater China Property Market Yearly Review 2012 released by Knight Frank, the retail sector remained robust and outperformed in most major cities in 2012. This trend is likely to continue in 2013 and both retail prices and rents are set to be driven up by strong demand from international retailers and investors.

China Home Prices Exhibit Second Highest Quarterly Growth Despite Slowing Price Growth In Asia Pacific

According to Knight Frank’s latest Global House Price Index report for Q3 2012, house prices around the world have risen on average by just 1% in the last 12 months. However, Europe was the only world region to see prices decline in the last year. In Asia Pacific region, although price growth is slowing, the Hong Kong house price index, with a 14.2% growth in the 12 months to September, only seconds to Brazil among 55 mainstream residential markets across …

Bei Fu: China’s Property Sector Will Stay Steady In 2013

In this episode of China Money Podcast, S&P analyst Bei Fu discusses the outlook for China’s property sector, potential policy moves and property sales predictions. She made the following comments during a teleconference call held by Standard & Poors. Listen to the full interview in the audio podcast, or read an summary below. Will China’s property market return to the path of recovery this year? S&P released a report today to upgrade the outlook for the Chinese property sector from …

Is China’s Housing Bubble Deflating, Or Bursting?

The author is Jian Chang, chief China economist at Barclays Sentiment in China’s property market has deteriorated rapidly amid daily news reports of stories about unsold homes, steep price cuts, troubled developers, and potentially massive real estate-related trust defaults.

Andy Chang: There Is Upside In China’s Property Downturn

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Andy Chang, associate director at Fitch Ratings Asia Pacific, talked to our host Nina Xiang in Hong Kong. Chang, who does research on the Chinese property and industrial sectors, discussed his views on the coming consolidation of the Chinese property sector, why bankruptcies will be limited to the local and small developers only, and what are the biggest misconceptions investors have about the Chinese property sector. Read an excerpt below, but be …

China’s First REIT Began Trading In Shenzhen

China’s first exchange-traded Real-Estate Investment Trust (REIT), launched by Chinese brokerage firm CITIC Securities Co., began trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange today, according to information posted on the exchange’s website.

Is There Really A Bubble In China’s Property Market?

The author is ANZ greater China chief economist Liu Li-Gang China’s property market witnessed a bumpy start in 2014 after a double-digit property prices surge last year. The new home sales in all tiers of Chinese cities dropped sharply in the past few months, and the unsold new home inventories have picked up significantly since the fourth quarter 2013 as well.

A Conversation With A Chinese Real Estate Trust Loan Officer

The author is Li Junheng, founder of Chinese equity research firm JL Warren Capital We recently talked to a trust loan officer for Evergrande, and here is our conversation. Q: Tell us about Evergrande’s debt? A: Evergrande is one of our main clients, and we’ve been working closely together for a long time. To date, the total amount of lending to Evergrande is over RMB3 billion (US$480 million). I’ve worked with Evergrande on two projects: one in Guilin, Guangxi province, …

Despite Property Downturn, China’s Soufun Will Prevail

The author is Tian X. Hou, founder and CEO of Chinese equity research firm T.H. Capital At T.H. Capital’s investor conference last week, the management of Soufun Holdings Ltd. pointed out that the company can cope with the slowdown in China’s housing market with its diversified products and services.

China’s New Home Prices Deteriorated Further In May

New home prices (excluding affordable housing) fell in 35 of 70 medium-to-large-sized Chinese cities in May, up from April’s 8 cities that saw price reductions, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics. A total of 8 among the 70 cities saw home prices increase compared with 44 cities in April.

Eric Solberg: China’s Property And Steel Sectors Look Interesting Now

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Eric Solberg, founder and CEO of Asia-focused private equity and wealth management firm EXS Capital, talked to our host Nina Xiang. He discussed how he is preparing to invest in China’s property sector in its downturn, and why he thinks there are attractive investment opportunities in the Chinese steel sector.

More Chinese Cities Will Abolish Housing Purchase Restrictions Soon

The author is Nomura economist Zhang Zhiwei The municipal government of Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, announced the abolition of the local resident purchase requirement (LRPR) for property. It is the first city to officially abolish the LRPR. We believe that the decision – which entails the implicit approval of the central government – marks a significant step in the explicit loosening of property market policy, and is consistent with our expectations. We expect other cities to follow …

China Everbright Invests $227M In Chongqing Developer

China Everbright Limited (CEL) has agreed to invest approximately US$227 million in Chongqing-based and Singapore-listed Chinese property developer Ying Li International Real Estate Limited, as part of a broad range strategic partnership agreement, according to an announcement made by CEL.

Government Will Not Save Chinese Property As It Did In 2012

The Chinese property market has corrected sharply since the beginning of the year. However, the broad equity market has largely brushed this aside, assuming that the current slow-down will be temporary and shallow. This view may be too optimistic, and the Chinese property market is likely to experience more pain going forward, says a report by BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.