Jason Booth

Jason has over two decades of experience in financial journalism, having previously worked and written for The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Business Journal, The South China Morning Post, Knight-Ridder Financial News, The Far Eastern Economic Review and others in Hong Kong, Korea and the U.S.

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Trump May Win The Trade Battle With China But Lose The War

An earlier version of this story first appeared on Tribune Interactive.  The long-predicted China-U.S. trade war is here. The U.S. government under Donald Trump on Tuesday listed US$50 billion worth of Chinese exports that could be hit with 25% tariffs, ranging from electric cars to education material and medicine. China quickly retaliated with a list of similar duties on key U.S. imports including soybeans, planes, cars, beef and chemicals. The tariffs won’t go into effect right away. The U.S. said it …

Qudian CEO Gives Up Pay Check After Stock Price Collapse

Min Luo, founder and CEO of Chinese online consumer lending firm Qudian Inc. says he will not receive a salary or bonus until his company reached a market capitalization of US$100 billion. The NYSE-traded company currently has a market capitalization of US$5.54 billion, after falling nearly 50% from it initial public offering in October.

Chinese IPOs In US Continue To Disappoint Investors

Another wave of initial public offerings by Chinese companies is about to hit the U.S. markets. But before investors jump in, it’s worth noting that last year’s crop of made-in-China IPOs has been a money loser, erasing nearly a billion dollars worth of shareholder money.

Chinese Government Accelerates Road Tests For Autonomous Vehicles

The Chinese government is catching up with its automakers in the effort to produce road-tested autonomous vehicles. The city of Shanghai issued licenses to auto makers on Thursday that allow testing of self-driving vehicles on public roads for the first time. One licence went to Shanghai-based SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, and the other went to electric vehicle start-up NIO. Chinese companies have been among the most aggressive developers of autonomous vehicle technology, with companies like NIO, SAIC, Baidu and JingChi …

China’s HNA Will Sell $1.4B Stake in Park Hotels & Resort To Pay Down Debts

China’s troubled airline-to-hotel conglomerate HNA Group is planning to sell "part or all" of its US$1.4 billion stake in U.S. hotel company Park Hotels & Resort Inc., according to a regulatory filing by the hotel chain. "The Reporting Persons have determined to pursue a sale, through one or more registered public offerings, of some or all of the Common Stock that the Reporting Persons currently hold," Park Hotels stated in its filing. "The exact timing, manner and terms of any …

China’s Huawei Tests 5G Network In Canada Despite Calls For Ban In US

Huawei may be facing a virtual sales ban in the United States, due to alleged security concerns, but that hasn’t stopped the Chinese company from launching tests of its 5G wireless technology just north of the border in Canada. On Wednesday, Huawei unveiled an urban trial of 5G wireless-to-the-home services in Vancouver, in partnership with Canadian carrier Telus. The trial is believed to be the first of its kind in North America. “This trial represents continued progress toward the launch of 5G, …

Cryptocurrency Issuer Ripple Enters China Market With LianLian Partnership

Cryptocurrency issuer Ripple has got its foot in the door of the Chinese market by signing a partnership agreement with LianLian International, a Hong Kong-based payment services provider. The deal comes despite the Chinese government’s ongoing efforts to shut down cryptocurrency trading and transactions in that nation.

China Gets Low Marks On Autonomous Vehicle Preparedness Ranking

China will need to upgrade its regulatory framework and infrastructure before it becomes a leader in the autonomous vehicles space, according to a study by KPMG. In the report, China came 16th on a list of 20 nations in terms of readiness for autonomous vehicles, just below Spain, but ahead of Brazil, Russia and India.

Cloning Monkeys Makes Chinese Medicine More Competitive And Controversial

China’s successfully cloning of two long-tailed macaques may raise ethical concerns given the potential for the technology being used one day to clone humans. But for the scientists involved, it marks a milestone in China’s multi-billion dollar effort to rival the U.S. and the European Union in biomedical research. It also makes good business sense.