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China Hedge Funds Post Year-To-Date Loss Of 2.64%

China-focused hedge funds recorded a 0.51% decline in the month of November to register a 2.64% loss year-to-date, according to Eurekehedge Greater China Hedge Fund Index, which tracks the performance of Chinese hedge funds.

Hedge Fund Alpha Males Can Share Ideas, But Not Smiles

Going to industry conferences has been part of my job as a financial journalist. My calendar is highlighted by a few personal favorites: January’s World Economic Forum in Davos, April’s Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in Omaha. Then, there is the Sohn Conference Hong Kong in June.

China Hedge Funds Down 6.9% In First Two Months Of 2016

Greater China-focused hedge funds declined 0.33% in February to register a loss of 6.9% for the first two months of the year, highlighting market volatility and the challenges faced by investors. Hedge funds still outperformed the market, with the MSCI China Index dropping 14.93% during the first two months.

China Hedge Funds Record 5.98% Loss In January

Greater China-focused hedge funds posted their first month of losses since August 2015 and were down 5.98% in January with its long/short equity heavyweight declining 6.24% as Chinese equity markets came under pressure during the month.

Hong Kong’s Value Partners Obtains $100M QDLP Quota

Hong Kong asset management firm Value Partners Group Limited has obtained a Qualified Domestic Limited Partner (QDLP) license from the Shanghai municipal government and an initial US$100 million quota to manage cross-border private investment funds, says a company announcement.

China-Focused Hedge Funds Gain 1.26% In September

Greater China-focused hedge funds gained 1.26% in September, compared with the CSI 300 Index, which was down 4.86%, and the global hedge fund index’s 0.58% decline during the month, according to data released by industry data tracker Eurekahedge.

China-Focused Hedge Funds Up 1.29% In September

Greater China-focused hedge funds were up 1.29% in September, having preserved their gains from early 2015 with gains of 4.44% year-to-date, outperforming the CSI 300 Index by almost 14%, according to data released by data tracker Eurekahedge.

For Hedge Funds, Bigger Is Always Better

Hedge funds with assets-under-management of less than US$100 million posted the lowest returns and had the highest volatility compared to funds managing more assets, according to the results of a new study released by Preqin.

How One Hedge Fund Manager Predicted RMB’s Depreciation One Year Ago

Carl Huttenlocher is now one of my favorite hedge fund managers. Why? Because one year ago, the chief investment officer of Hong Kong-based Myriad Asset Management predicted, correctly, that the RMB would and must continue to devalue – at a time when mainstream wisdom believed in China’s ability to keep a stable exchange rate.

China-Focused Hedge Funds Down 6.5% In August

Greater China-focused hedge funds was down 6.55% in August, having managed to reduce their losses as the CSI 300, Shanghai and Shenzhen composite indices declined 11.23%, 12.49% and 15.18% respectively during the same period, according to industry data tracker Eurekahedge.

Theodore Shou: China Hedge Funds Failed To Achieve Alpha In Market Crash

Theodore Shou, chief investment officer at Cape Town, South Africa-based fund of hedge fund manager Skybound Capital, tells China Money Podcast host Nina Xiang that the most recent Chinese stock market crash reveals that many Chinese hedge fund managers merely had exaggerated "beta" in the past, and they failed to achieve "alpha" during the past few months.

China-Focused Hedge Funds Suffer 8.33% Loss In July

China-focused hedge funds posted their worst monthly loss since January 2008, losing 8.33% in July, according to data released by industry research firm Eurekahedge. Despite suffering losses during the past few months, China-focused hedge funds are still up 10.84% year-to-date.

Asian Hedge Funds Down 1.58% In June

Asia ex-Japan hedge funds suffered their worst month in June since 2013, down 1.58% and recorded US$1 billion performance-based losses as the Shenzhen and Shanghai Composite Indices declined by 11.78% and 7.25% during the month respectively, according to data released by Eurekahedge.