Ken Xu Of Gobi Partners Sees Trillion-Dollar Market In China’s 2B Artificial Intelligence Sector

In this episode of China Money Podcast, Gobi Partners managing partner Ken Xu speaks to our host Nina Xiang. Xu discusses what he sees as the next technology frontier markets in China, and how Gobi is investing in the artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and new infrastructure-themed industries.   You can read a Q&A and watch a short video of the interview. Don’t forget to subscribe to China Money Podcast for free in the iTunes store, or subscribe to …

Mobike’s First Day Explains The Power Of Bike Sharing In China

Whenever I see a small company having a startling large impact on the world, I look for an engine. I look for something that is amplifying what a relatively small number of people are doing. For example, the engine that rocketed Facebook (and Wechat) upwards was the economics and psychology of social media (plus viral marketing). The engine that powered Macau to become five times Las Vegas in a few years was the psychology of gambling plus 1.4B Chinese consumers. …

Google-Backed Mobvoi Dreams Of Powering Smart Hardware Revolution

Zhifei Li, founder of Chinese artificial intelligence firm Mobvoi, once joked in a Wechat post that the best business model for a Chinese AI company was to become an Internet celebrity via smart marketing and then pivot to become an e-commerce firm. But, he added self-deprecatingly, "because I’m not handsome enough and my Mandarin is terrible, I choose to sell premium hardware powered by our own proprietary AI technology."

Chinese Machine Vision Firm Yi+ Raises $14M Round

Yi+, a Chinese artificial intelligence start-up developing machine vision technology for content marketing, has raised a RMB100 million (US$14 million) series B round from Haitong Securities, financial services company Bairongjun Group and The Bank of Beijing.

Silverman Announces Debut of Large-Scale Web Movie "The Heavenly Emperor"

HONG KONG, July 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Other highlights:

  • TV drama "Adoption" to be premiered at end of July
  • TV drama "The Road Ahead" was highly praised by People’s Daily

Silverman Holdings Limited ("Silverman" or the "Company", to be renamed as "Starrise Media", Stock Code: 1616.HK) today announce that "The Heavenly Emperor" (Yutian Shendi), a large-scale web movie, which was invested in by Beijing Starrise Pictures Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, will be aired exclusively on the online video platform Youku. "The Heavenly Emperor" is a fantasy web movie adapted from the online literature novel of the same name, and is produced by the original production team of "Detective Samoyeds", a popular costume drama.

The "The Heavenly Emperor" project is a result of the close cooperation between the Company and the online video platform Youku. Supported by the Company’s strong production capacity and unique investment model, "The Heavenly Emperor" is expected to be a highly reliable investment with fast cash collection that will generate steady profit and return for the Company.

Silverman earlier has announced plans to dispose of its fabrics business and change the Company name to Starrise Media, with the aim of becoming the biggest film and television production company in China. The Company’s upcoming television drama lineup includes the urban emotional drama "Adoption", which is set to premiere on China Central Television (CCTV)’s TV drama channel on July 31, as well as "The Road Ahead", the sequel to the classic drama "Qiao’s Grand Courtyard". Recently, the People’s Daily Overseas Edition published a feature commentary on the original novel of "The Road Ahead" and highly praised the story theme, citing that the financial-themed story has vividly unveiled the vicissitudes and developments of China’s history. It also commented that the story went beyond the normal bounds of financial novels on business competition, and created a new peak of financial themes. Produced by Mr. Meng Fanyao, and directed by Mr. Lu Qi, the highly anticipated TV drama "The Road Ahead" has officially wrapped filming in Hengdian World Studios last month and is expected to premiere within the year.

Currently, "Echo of Xibaipo", a tribute drama to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and "Wudang Yijian", a large-scale martial arts drama adapted from Liang Yusheng’s novel of the same name, are both undergoing shooting at the same time. The Company will continue to build on its success in the television and film industry, and will reach out to and expand coverage on the web drama and television drama markets through its two subsidiaries, Beijing Starrise Pictures Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huasheng Taitong Media Investment Co., Ltd., respectively, in order to create better returns for shareholders.

Commentary on People’s Daily Overseas Edition (in Chinese language only):

About Silverman

Silverman Holdings Limited (1616.HK), listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012, operates business in film, television and media industry in pursuit of new growth driver and aims to be the biggest film and television production company in China. In 2015, Silverman completed the acquisition of Beijing Huasheng Taitong Media Investment Company Limited, a domestic film and television production company led by Mr. Meng Fanyao, a National Top Ten TV Producer. Beijing Huasheng Taitong Media owns a production scale of over one hundred episodes per annum and has gained excellent production capacity, with premium television series including Qiao’s Grand Courtyard, Mazu, and The Wild Duck, as well as its TV series "Eastern Battlefield," a 66-episode history drama on Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Meanwhile, Silverman owned Starrise Pictures, an emerging content producing platform aiming at young audiences, having works include a TV drama series "The Unforgettable Years", a youth web drama "Goddess From the Future", IP movie "Li Lei and Han Meimei", to further strengthen the Group’s market coverage in the PRC media industry by new media forms such as web dramas and others.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Christensen China Limited
Tel: +852-2117-0861
Fax: +852-2117-0869
Email: [email protected]

Tencent Invests $66M In TCL’s Smart TV Unit In Exchange For 16.67% Stake

Tencent Holdings Ltd. has agreed to invest RMB450 million (US$66 million) in the smart TV unit of China’s biggest television maker, TCL Corp. The deal is Tencent’s latest investment in the smart TV sector as the technology giant seeks to replicate its dominance in mobile phones content in a broader distribution channel.

Former CNNIC Chief Says China Is Pioneering New Business Models In Tech

At the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions (also known as the Summer Davos) in Dalian last week, China Money Network caught up with Prof. Xiaodong Lee, former president and CEO of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), to chat about the development of the Internet industry in China and the country’s role in managing the world wide web.

comScore Introduces Extended Video Reporting in China to Deliver Granular Insights into Online Video Consumption at the Programme Level

Development Underscores comScore’s Commitment to Deliver Robust Video Measurement Solutions to Its Markets Worldwide

BEIJING, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — comScore today announced the launch of Extended Video in China. The new offering delivers programme-level insights into online video consumption, providing granular data into the content viewed, who is watching and viewers’ engagement across the video ecosystem on a weekly and daily basis. This development in China underscores comScore’s continued commitment in delivering robust video measurement solutions to its markets around the world.

"As part of our promise to bring quality, innovative measurement to China, we are excited to introduce extended video reporting to the industry," said Huang Xinyu, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Greater China at comScore. "With the explosive growth of online video programmes in China, it is critical for content owners, publishers, advertisers and agencies to have an even deeper understanding of their audiences and the marketplace. Our latest offering provides granular data and insights into online video consumption at the programme level to help inform better content and advertising decisions."

"We are so impressed with the comScore Extended Video offering, as it delivers informative, efficient and user-friendly reporting on online video consumption insights," said Wai Ren, Data Analysis Director, Youku Tudou Inc. "We are looking forward to even more of these programme-level data and insights in future developments of the service."

Leveraging comScore’s robust online panel, comScore Extended Video provides weekly and daily insight into consumers’ online video viewing behaviours across a variety of measures, including content (programme level, category/genre level), duration (total minutes, videos per viewer, minutes per video), viewers (unique viewers, percentage reach) and demographics (age, gender, household size, presence of children and city/region). With this reporting, content owners and publishers can better understand their audiences, inventory and competition, while advertisers and agencies can more effectively plan, evaluate and optimise their campaigns to achieve their objectives.  

Key findings from data from the week of 30 January 20175 February 2017 include:

  • "三生三世十里桃花" was the top TV drama in terms of both audience scale and total videos. However, despite having the third largest audience, "孤芳不自赏" achieved more than 43 percent more views than "射雕英雄传", which had a larger audience.
  • "三生三世十里桃花" was also the number one TV drama among viewers aged 45+, but only 5th for under 25s. In contrast, the most watched TV drama for under 25s "于成龙" did not make the top 10 for the older demographic.
  • Some syndicated TV drama programmes across the web achieved over 4 times as many views as even the most popular exclusive TV drama programmes.

To learn more about comScore Extended Video, please contact us or download our product overview.

About comScore
comScore is a leading cross-platform measurement company that measures audiences, brands and consumer behaviour everywhere. comScore completed its merger with Rentrak Corporation in January 2016, to create the new model for a dynamic, cross-platform world. Built on precision and innovation, our data footprint combines proprietary digital, TV and movie intelligence with vast demographic details to quantify consumers’ multiscreen behaviour at massive scale. This approach helps media companies monetise their complete audiences and allows marketers to reach these audiences more effectively. With more than 3,200 clients and global footprint in more than 75 countries, comScore is delivering the future of measurement. Shares of comScore stock are currently traded on the OTC Market (OTC:SCOR). For more information on comScore, please visit

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including, without limitation, expectations as to the financial and operational effects of the Extended Video product. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially, including, but not limited to: the features and characteristics of the products, the rate of development of the digital marketing intelligence, Internet advertising and e-Commerce markets; the growth of the Internet as a medium for commerce, content, advertising and communications; and the acceptance of new products and methodologies by the industry, including existing and prospective clients. 

For additional discussion of risk factors, please refer to comScore’s respective Annual Reports on Form 10-K, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other filings comScore makes from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), which are available on the SEC’s website (

Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on our forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date such statements are made. comScore does not intend or undertake any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements to reflect events, circumstances or new information after the date of this press release, or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

Pantheon’s Jie Gong Says Chinese Growth-Capital Funds Are Soul-Searching

In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Jie Gong, a partner at Pantheon’s Asia Investment Team, spoke to our host Nina Xiang. Gong discussed new and important trends she sees in China’s private equity and venture capital space, and what the fund-of-funds manager looks for when considering backing funds in China.

Shunwei’s Meng Xing Says Chinese AI Startups Need Niche Products To Survive And Thrive

To say that Meng Xing, V.P. and entrepreneur-in-residence at Chinese venture firm Shunwei Capital, has been busy would be a gross understatement. Over the past ten years, the 31-year-old venture capitalist and entrepreneur has founded two artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups, selling one, an image recognition AI company, to Amazon and the other to a listed Chinese company. In between, he worked as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan Hong Kong and casino giant Caesars Entertainment, on top of getting an …